Your Interior

This photo is so gorgeous!  Interior, yes – this is a nice visual for that word for me.  Living in a place where we have *real* winter – where there is snow on the ground right now, and we have icy conditions and things are “dead” but not really…where people are crabbing about the winter and can’t wait for it to be over – this picture shows beautifully how I feel inside.

I found this too:

That also speaks to interior for me – the place inside that you go to be sheltered from the outside.  Outside negativity, outside from the cold, inside away from the bombardment of thoughts of others, where you are safe from being inundated with negativity (unless your inside is negative too).  I like my interior, the one in my mind that I create regardless of what is outside and around me.  My happy place.

What does yours look like?  Are you happy with it?  Is it a place of freedom for you to explore your creative side without fear or interference?  Or do you avoid going internally because you don’t like what you find there?


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