It’s a New Year!

I’m so happy that we are in a new year!  I actually overheard someone say that they could not wait for 2016 to die.  I’m sure there was an interesting story behind that sentiment, Continue reading “It’s a New Year!”


Holly Jolly Folly

via Daily Prompt: Folly

I think they need to make an event over the holidays (before or during Christmas?) with Santa(s) and call it the: “Holly Jolly Folly.”  It could be an event or a series of events.
A masquerade dance where attendees are dressed as Mr. & Mrs. Kringle’s – who doesn’t like dress up?
A secret Santa event for gift giving – this could even be a charity event where people are bringing gifts for kids who may not get gifts because of circumstances beyond them.
Santa and Mrs. Claus could pick a “shining star” from a group of young people (who happen to be there or from a list of *nice* children) and give them an award, a scholarship, or honor them in some way.  It would work as a dress up award for guests to the dance or for charitable events to those who have given generously.  Announcements of “who made the nice list” and the “shining star award” could be an “on-the-top” of the list, like a star on the top of a tree.
Making cookies with Mrs. Claus – with Santa Judges (Santa loves cookies!).
“Snowball Sundae’s” could be created or served.  Or snowballs on a stick would be neat – like cake pops with peppermint or something similar for a snowball effect.  Rice Crispy Treats in the shape of a ball with powdered sugar?  You could probably put those on sticks too.
Name that reindeer and pin the nose on Rudolph for children’s events.  But not on a paper on the wall, I’m thinking a reindeer model head (or face) that’s really huge = huge nose, rubber ball big. Shooting hoops with the basket being where a nose should go would be neat too.
An elf-evator (elevator) ride up, with a slide down into a winter wonderland North Pole, and/or with a toy tour where people could buy and/or make toys with the help of elves.  Children could make ornaments with the elves.
Could be the Holly Jolly Folly is a walk/run where everybody is dressed up as a Christmas character…Santa, Mrs. Claus, an elf, a reindeer, an angel, presents, a big bow, ginger bread man/woman, the star on a tree – a tree.  The course could be lined with giant candy canes and the walk/run could take place down “candy cane lane.”  Colder places like where I live could do a ski event instead of a run, or an ice skating adventure.
I could even see where this could be a man event – enter your Tim the Tool-man Taylor, man noises here – where Santa’s souped-up-Sleigh is an event at the Holly Jolly Folly.  Candy cane lane is a race track, and each person entered is dressed up.
The folly could be such fun.  Or like my husband said: “Fa la la la la, folly.”


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A Medium Wants You to Know

There are most definitely some myths when it comes to mediumship, or thoughts about it that are wholly untrue.  There are also some things that practicing mediums may want you to know, but that they may not say to you in order to be polite.  Possibly they are hoping that you will take some classes, read some books, or find this post.  😀

There are some rules to mediumship that are basic things everyone should know – why?  So that you don’t get bamboozled by the fakers, and so you know what is accepted and what is not.  Continue reading “A Medium Wants You to Know”

Secretly Super…Your True Story

This is a short book I have written.  I do not own copyright to characters, TV shows, or other things I use as frame of reference for this story.

To you, my sweet soul, who knows deep inside that there is more to you, more to this life, and many more adventures waiting.

This book is a creative twist on how we view ourselves and our spirituality.  What we are capable of is so much more than we think it is.  We are so much more than we think we are.  This book is about seeing yourself and your journey here on this Earth, in a new way – a “Super” way.  The experience is about you getting to know you.  Why are you here?  What is your purpose?  What are your special talents and gifts?  I can’t tell you what the answers to those questions are, but you can figure them out as you get to know the “real” you.  This book can be a first step along your journey – one that explains an origin story that could be yours, one that could be “Your True Story” and that shows you that you are indeed “Secretly Super.”

Chapter 1  – Why Do We Love Heroes?

Why do we love heroes?  What is their purpose?  What is it that we see in them?  In one form or another, they have been around for years.  It just depends on where you look.  Our ancestors probably sat in their caves and spun their own stories of heroes. Continue reading “Secretly Super…Your True Story”


This is a video (still photos with audio file background) of a talk/sermon I gave in Arizona in the beginning of the year.  Run time is 25.25, that’s minutes and seconds.

Thanks Mom

You loved me, like no one loved me

You were a part of me, and I am a piece of you

I grew in your body and in your heart

You gave everything you could to me

I am strong, because when I was small and weak you held me close

I am confident, because when I was unsure you told me how wonderful I was  Continue reading “Thanks Mom”

Dance to Your Own Beat

Did you ever have that feeling of your hair standing on end?  Or the feeling of love, elation, sadness, etc. when listening to music?  You may remember something from long ago when you hear a tune.  Or you are transported to another time and place in the matter of moments.

I remember sitting in an auditorium as a swing choir sang  and danced when I was younger, and besides the awesome emotional high – it gave me goosebumps!  Music is so amazing that way, it puts us all in harmony with it and each other.  Continue reading “Dance to Your Own Beat”

Success is not a Straight Line

Every parent’s wish:

Dear child,
When you grow up, and you are no longer new, I wish this little wish for you.  I want you to be great.  I want you to be free.  I want you to be a success you see, but success is not a straight line.  Continue reading “Success is not a Straight Line”

The Nayslayers

Roaming the hallowed halls of your mind, there are acrobat ninja warriors of a special kind.

Some are invisible, some are short, they come in shapes and sizes of every sort.

Did you see that one with the pink tutu?  Or the one all in black calling coo coo?

Look there’s one with a samurai sword!  I wonder what she does when she gets bored?  Continue reading “The Nayslayers”

The Worry Monster

Did you ever think about the thoughts that come out of your head?

Where do they go?  What do they do?  I wonder, I wonder… I hope you do too.

Did you know that you’re creating with speed and with ease right on the spot, some things that are good and some that are not?  Like that happy-go-lucky tune in your head, or that big scary monster in your closet, or under your bed… Continue reading “The Worry Monster”