Daily Prompt: Fishing

via Daily Prompt: Fishing

Fishing – fishing makes me think of phishing, or people who “fish” for information.  Which isn’t a really positive thing in my mind.  It also reminds me of memories of going fishing, and hooking family members, but not any fish.  That was while I was in the process of casting the line.  One of my uncles even scared me with a fish head while cleaning it.  I also passed out once trying to fish on a hot day, another not so fun moment.    Fishing itself has not so many nice memories for me.  Needless to say, fishing is not really my thing.  Hanging around on the water and watching other people is fine though, or sitting on a shore, or bridge.

The most uplifting and interesting moments with fishing itself, for me, were listening to others talk about it and how much fun they had doing it.  That infectious happiness some people have when they tell you a story, or their fish tales.  (~wink~)  Things like that would get me excited about fishing without my really being interested in it to begin with.  Some people just have that ability, or maybe it is the love and excitement they have for their interest that makes it interesting.  I always felt that was the reason.  I wasn’t really interested in the subject, or going fishing, but you get caught up in the moments with other people, or swept away in them.

Wishing for fishing
I’m definitely not
But you go ahead
Sit in that spot
Cast your line
You little stinker
Someone will get you
Hook, line and sinker


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