It Bespoke of Adventure

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So in thinking about what the heck to do with the prompt “bespoke” since I don’t know about you, but I, uh, don’t speak in a way that makes bespoke a part of my regular vocabulary or sentence structure.  I did not travel from the past in a time machine to get here.  Although, that would be cool because if I had, it would make me using a computer, the internet, and all our technology of “today” such a feat.  But I digress, or do I?  Maybe my antiquated English skills once bespoke of my extended experience with time travel.  Ah-ha!  I knew I could make that relevant.  Anyway…

What I was going to mention, before my near digression, was this site I found that seemed to be full of “guy stuff” which also seemed cool since holiday gift giving may be around the corner for some.  Yes, it had things that were not for men exclusively, I just noticed more of the male related products since most sites that sell nice things are geared toward women with lots of women things.  I’d say “lady things” but that makes me think of things that have nothing to do with internet browsing/shopping.  Getting side tracked again, anyyywaaay…  You’ll never guess the name of the site!  Okay, well maybe you will given the prompt today – it’s called BESPOKEPOST.  I found that interesting, here’s a link:

Thanks to the daily prompt for helping me find things I knew nothing about!
So this daily prompt bespoke internet adventure.

Wow this was fun!  Happy days to all!

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Secretly Super…Your True Story

This is a short book I have written.  I do not own copyright to characters, TV shows, or other things I use as frame of reference for this story.

To you, my sweet soul, who knows deep inside that there is more to you, more to this life, and many more adventures waiting.

This book is a creative twist on how we view ourselves and our spirituality.  What we are capable of is so much more than we think it is.  We are so much more than we think we are.  This book is about seeing yourself and your journey here on this Earth, in a new way – a “Super” way.  The experience is about you getting to know you.  Why are you here?  What is your purpose?  What are your special talents and gifts?  I can’t tell you what the answers to those questions are, but you can figure them out as you get to know the “real” you.  This book can be a first step along your journey – one that explains an origin story that could be yours, one that could be “Your True Story” and that shows you that you are indeed “Secretly Super.”

Chapter 1  – Why Do We Love Heroes?

Why do we love heroes?  What is their purpose?  What is it that we see in them?  In one form or another, they have been around for years.  It just depends on where you look.  Our ancestors probably sat in their caves and spun their own stories of heroes. Continue reading “Secretly Super…Your True Story”

The Nayslayers

Roaming the hallowed halls of your mind, there are acrobat ninja warriors of a special kind.

Some are invisible, some are short, they come in shapes and sizes of every sort.

Did you see that one with the pink tutu?  Or the one all in black calling coo coo?

Look there’s one with a samurai sword!  I wonder what she does when she gets bored?  Continue reading “The Nayslayers”

The Worry Monster

Did you ever think about the thoughts that come out of your head?

Where do they go?  What do they do?  I wonder, I wonder… I hope you do too.

Did you know that you’re creating with speed and with ease right on the spot, some things that are good and some that are not?  Like that happy-go-lucky tune in your head, or that big scary monster in your closet, or under your bed… Continue reading “The Worry Monster”

Sydney Sails the Seven Seas

Once upon a time a little girl of mine, full of adventure and curiosity decided to sail across the sea.

She was a beauty and extremely bright, with dark hair and blue eyes that shone like the light. She had a smile so lovely and a laugh so sweet every moment with her was always a treat. A spirit of adventure without a care, if she had any fears you were never aware. Continue reading “Sydney Sails the Seven Seas”