Shining Your Festive Light

Today promises to be a festive day for most.  It’s Christmas day, and many are opening their presents, spending time with their relatives and friends, and sharing joy and love for each other.

I say most, because some are gritting their teeth during this time.  Others are sad and lonely.  As much as there is literally a palpable, tangible, “love in the air” that is the Spirit of Christmas Continue reading “Shining Your Festive Light”


The Holiday Martyr

via Daily Prompt: Martyr

You know them, the ones driving themselves crazy trying to be perfect.  Driving you crazy too.  Ready to kill for a gift and die for their cause.  They will absolutely have “a happy holiday” like the song says, if it kills them.  They are busy setting up their holiday perfection with all the “right” things.  They have to have a feast at their house, they have to invite all the proper relatives, or people.  And everyone better be cheerful and get along.

The bonus from work is spent – and then some – on: a caterer, lights, the tree, wreaths, gifts for the family, gift for friends, gifts for the coworkers, cookies, cocoa, those new styling handcrafted Continue reading “The Holiday Martyr”