I love the internet for finding interesting photos.
Can you do magic?  I bet this dog can…


Looks like that leg is going to be gone!


A joke between me and my husband – when the sun goes down, it gets dark…
Looks like it’s almost gone here:



The sands of time – yep, that’s gone too – my childhood that is…


I can think of plenty that’s gone – people I’ve loved, memories, time.  And things you lose after a while like that sock in the drier that you never find…sigh.

What’s not gone?  Love, happiness, magic.  Right now – the snow.  Oh, and those lyrics you can’t seem to make go away from that annoying song in your head.  Bet you wish that was gone!  ~Wink~


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5 thoughts on “Gone

  1. I used to have a really hard time when I was in my early twenties getting used to things being gone. Now that I’m in my forties, not so much. Somehow seems like it should be reversed. But that sock in the dryer — always haunts me.


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