Soul Level Renewal

We are not in the time of year for renewal, not in the sense that many would think.  Most of us associate renewal with the beginnings of life – with birth, or re-birth – with spring.  When everything is cropping back up from the ground and where we are through our senses experiencing the new-ness once again.

Renewal is life giving to me, renewal is or can be – a coming back to the beginning or to a state or stage we were once at.  I like the idea of renewal in the life giving sense.  That part of life where we have been transformed by something, but it has changed us back to that life giving soul that we once were.  Do you remember the last time you felt that feeling?  Of innocence, of love?  Where you were overcome by joy or compassion, or laughter, so much that it did things to you on a soul level?  Your heart skipped a beat or seemed like it was about to jump out of your chest?  The awe you felt when you looked at someone that touched you deeply, a photo, a baby – or something happened to you, someone gave you a kind word that you were not expecting, or did something for you that touched you deeply and your faith in humanity was restored.  I love those times of renewal.  They are indeed life giving, where we are drinking in the newness, like from a fountain of youth – and we are restored.


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