Nope to the Mope

Eeyore, the professional mope.  (Okay, I know he’s not meant to be that, but you get the idea.)  I once saw a post(er) on facebook that showed Eeyore and it had something to the effect of, no one left him out of their plans because he was sad, they just accepted him as he was.  That is such a nice thought isn’t it?  Until it’s real life and you are around someone who does nothing but mope to get attention.  Who drains all the life force out of you every time you are around them, or most of it anyway.

I had an experience with someone like that, same person was a complainer too – and always a victim.  That’s the problem with a negative mindset.  There are always things in life that aren’t great that happen – things that bring you down, that depress you, or that kick you in the head (or teeth), but we have to work on being resiliant.  You fall down, you get back up again.  You get pushed down, or pulled down – You. Get. Back. Up. Again!  I know that can be hard to do, real hard.  But we have to find our own inner strength and not weigh ourselves, or others down – in an all-the-time, or constant way.  I’m not saying that people don’t have or get depressed or depression, or that your armor won’t get chinked, or that you should never rely on others at all – um, no – we all need a support system from time-to-time.  I’m saying that a professional Eeyore, (or mope) needs to learn new skills.

We all need to learn to be self reliant because when we are, we can and will gain confidence.  Confidence is a magical thing at times – seriously, it is!  It attracts people to us, and all kinds of help, or we see our needs being fulfilled in ways, shapes and forms that we will not, or have not, if we were not carrying our own weight, or taking responsibility for ourselves.  Confidence is a great thing, but we cannot gain it if we don’t say nope to the mope.  If we don’t try and work at things to learn them, to gain new skills, or to better ourselves.  If we never get out of our bad habits or we don’t work at our relationships.  If we just sit or walk around like Eeyore with a cloud always following us or the rain coming down on no one else but us.  Do you have to be as bouncy as Tigger?  No.  But you may be light enough to get there if you aren’t always carrying your burdens with you everywhere you go.  Allow yourself to be sad if you need to be.  Allow yourself to have moments or periods of time, but then, find ways to get yourself out of it.  Figure out what lifts your spirit high, and do that.

I think of “Oh the Places You’ll Go” where: “You have brains in your head, and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose…” you have a choice of where you go, of where your life takes you, and how you get there.  Then “…unslumping yourself is not easily done…” after you’re left in a lurch, you may end up in a slump, but you CAN get out of it.  You CAN do it!  Find the happy moments, the positive things, and focus your energy there.  Listen to happy music, watch funny things on TV or in movies.  Get a joke book, go to a comedy club, garden, work out, do things that make you happy to unslump or to get out of  your mope.  Just say NOPE to the mope.  😀



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