It’s a New Year!

I’m so happy that we are in a new year!  I actually overheard someone say that they could not wait for 2016 to die.  I’m sure there was an interesting story behind that sentiment, but I was not part of the conversation in the first place, so I did not get in a question as to why that person wanted “2016 to die.”

The new year is a fresh start for everyone, and I think that is why so many of us, if we had a “bad year,” seem to be so happy that we have the new one to “look forward to.”  Resolutions about everything seem to have more meaning in the new year than in a new day, week, or month – although I really have never understood why that is?  I mean, once you have made a decision to make your life better, or make changes in it, the decision is the catalyst, not the time of year.  I have made many resolutions over the years, but they don’t always start out on January 1st.  Maybe for some it is like starting off with a clean piece of paper to do some writing, or artwork.

For me, every day is a new day, and they are each full of possibilities.  On some I may have more or less motivation – but I give whatever I plan on doing, my 100% for that day.  That is my initial mindset going in – if I’m going to bother at all.  If I’m sick or low on energy, the 100% on one day may seem like 50-20% in comparison to the day I felt awesome, but it is still me making that 100% effort.  I think we all do that.  Only you know how much you are effort-ing from day-to-day, or from thing-t0-thing, so only you should judge that effort.  Just don’t judge it too harshly if your estimates were off.  If you thought that it would take you three hours to clean the garage and it took five days, you still did it!  But definitely don’t let others tell you that your effort was low or not there if you know inside that it absolutely was.  There is more to be said for giving things your all, than doing nothing – but you and only you – know if you gave it your all or not.

The new year brings a beautiful sense of hope that “this time things will be different” too, and I believe that we all celebrate that hopefulness when we start off a new year.  That is the thing about the New Year, it brings our hope back to us if we lost it along the way the year before.

I have a host of things planned for 2017, and will be contemplating them and making adjustments as time goes on – but I’m not putting too much pressure on myself.  That is also a plan I have for this year.  I don’t know about you, but I definitely need to give myself a break once in a while because that 100% I was taking about – well, for me, it equals me attempting lots of “perfection.”  I like when things end up being done well, and I’m hard on myself when they aren’t “perfect,” as if that is something that I could ever *really* achieve.  I know it cannot be, but striving toward any goals, it is always there in the back of the mind.  I’m not competitive with other people, just myself – and for me, I think that is the need to make it all “just so.”  What I do know too, is for others around me, that is a very uncomfortable thing, because I tend to have high standards for myself and therefore the people I engage with.  What other people in my life probably do not understand, is that I do not expect from them what I expect from myself, so if they are feeling pressure they perceive is from me, it could be, but more likely it may be that they feel guilt over that 100% they are not giving in comparison to my 100%.  That’s why it’s better to not do comparisons!  My 100% may be like a highly trained athlete in certain situations and someone else’s same 100% may be the first time they ever tried to walk or run a mile after years of sitting on the couch.  We put pressure on ourselves like that, and then make no effort towards our goals, because hey – that athlete is crushing it and I know I can’t do it like that, or as good as them. So why try at all?  The thing is, yeah, if you’ve been a potato for the past 10 years, and that person has not been – no you can’t do what they do – right now – but you could start!  I was recently in a situation where a woman said, “How do you eat an entire elephant?”  The answer was: “One bite at a time.”  So how do you tackle something big?  (Like a new year with lots of possibilities.)  Take the first steps!

I hope this year, of 2017, is that year for you – where you look at obstacles and challenges and possibilities, as the year you ate the elephant – one bite at a time.  Hurdles keep you humble, challenges keep you interested, and possibilities keep you hopeful.

Giant Hugs to you and Happy New Year!  Now, go tackle those goals!  You’re going to kick some serious butt this time!


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