A Hopeful Dog Lover

Look at that face!  So cute!!!  I have puppy/dog fever as of late.  It is all I can do to not look at pictures of little furry babies with longing.  I found a place I plan on getting my next companion from and I’m hopeful that he or she will be everything I am expecting.  This place specializes in training and breeding labradors, so my next companion and family member will come home with skills as well as breeding.  I’m not a snob that won’t go to the pound, I currently have a dog (lab mix) that has been with me for years who came from the pound, but she is also very old and won’t be with me much longer.  I just wanted my next friend to have been trained already and have some skills because even though they are cute, new puppies are a handful.  I found this photo with those eyes, and that face – and thought, this is probably what my future will look like!  The treats, the longing looks and the wagging tail…I don’t think I have ever been disappointed by any of my pets really, but for the love of dogs – I am very hopeful that the next one in my life is as sweet as this one looks!

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