Retreat: Daily Prompt

Retreat, in the spiritual sense – it’s something that we all do once in a while, in our own ways.  We get our bearing again after the world and life throws us off kilter.  We do this to become more in tune with our surrounds again, and to commune with something larger than ourselves.  In that sense the retreat is a step back, our getting back to basics.  It is beyond “running away.”

Other times we retreat due to hurt and pain, or fear.  Sometimes it is just a need to be alone with yourself and/or your thoughts.  I can’t even count how many times I have needed to retreat into my own world, just for my sanity.  One of words, or thoughts, poetry, examination, deep introspection, creative ideas, or art.  Sometimes even a world of dance or music, you know, those worlds where you play and things just come to you.  The places where you forget yourself enough to lose time and space.  I think retreating can be helpful in that way, I’ve often wished that other people took more time for themselves.  That they allowed themselves to be free in their inner world, or that they did some thinking first and weighing of things.  But then that is me wishing to some degree that others would be more like me, the problem with that is – I like when people are unique!  I love when people are open and being themselves.  It is so much easier to be who you are when others are who they are – fully.  Don’t you think?

Other times when we make a retreat we feel the need to just get away from people or their situations (drama).  One of my relatives said to me once – about an annoying person: “I can handle anything for a few hours.”  I think the attempt was to be uplifting, but it bothered me because it seemed to come off as pretending for this other person.  A sort of – for the next few hours, or however long I have to be around this person – I will put up with their obnoxiousness.  I don’t like it when people are fake so that didn’t sit right with me.  Looking back, I think that it’s possible that because I’m me, and I operate differently – that this comment meant something very different to the person who spoke it.  We are always learning are we not?  About ourselves and how we operate (as opposed to how we *think* we operate) ahhh, another reason a retreat (or many reasons through time) is such an important thing.

Okay, well I’ve introverted enough for now.  Time for a sleep retreat!  😉


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