Shining Your Festive Light

Today promises to be a festive day for most.  It’s Christmas day, and many are opening their presents, spending time with their relatives and friends, and sharing joy and love for each other.

I say most, because some are gritting their teeth during this time.  Others are sad and lonely.  As much as there is literally a palpable, tangible, “love in the air” that is the Spirit of Christmas – some don’t have that one person or special people to share their love with.  Sometimes that is due to death, or distance, sometimes it is due to a falling out.  Then there are people who would rather not be so overwhelmed by the gift giving (a.k.a. the commercialism of the holidays) and the way these holidays really drain their hard earned cash.  Maybe it is as simple as people don’t really want to deal with any drama that may come from this time of year, or at any holiday time.

The thing is this: even though there are an incredible amount of “lights” that are shining all around us during the holidays, and it is so very festive, this is literally the darkest time of the year.  At least where I am, in the midwest.  There is literally less daylight right now.  That, in addition to the depression that comes with not having enough daylight.  I find it interesting that at this point in time, when it gets dark earlier, and there is literally less daylight – that there are all these lights and celebrations.  Have you ever noticed that?  Then it occurred to me, you know how when you are driving on a sunny day, and the light is so bright you need to wear sunglasses, how much light do you see?  I mean, when it is light out, would you shine a flashlight and be able to see it?  No, not like you can in the dark.  And you don’t need to, because there is already so much light shining “out there.”  It isn’t until it gets dark, that a light shining, no matter how big, small, or brightly – can even be seen.  So when there is all this literal darkness, we *need* more light.  (Light = Love)

I see people’s decorations and think of how beautiful they are, and how much time people have taken to put them up, but I also think of the fact, that if there was not so much darkness right now, those little glimmers of light would not stand out like they do.  Then I think about the trying times for people during the holidays, and their loneliness, or their fear, or their struggles, and I think – without that darkness, and “times like these” they would not have the opportunity to shine their own inner lights, or to get through their struggles and to be a beacon to others as well.  They would not be the “shining example” to other people, helping them to find their own inner strength.  Sometimes, the dark times, however or whatever those dark times may look like to us, from our perspectives – are the times when we are being given an opportunity to shine so very brightly, because a light shining during the daytime isn’t seen as well as a light shining at night, or in the darkness.

I believe that is why we can and do celebrate so much during this time of year, it lifts our spirits.  We need these celebrations and festivities.  We need the many lights getting together brightening up the darkness.  It also allows us to shine and share our light in a time of darkness.  We celebrate with festivities, or with giving, or with our love and care and we shine our inner lights so very brightly, for all to see.  But even if we struggle, or help others during their struggles, that light now, more than most other times of the year, is seen, and celebrated.  I believe that is part of the powerful palpable feeling of this time of year.  We need that goodness, and the beautiful thing is, it is there for us.  It is like the inner part of our beings cry out for more light, and the universe answers back with love, light, and celebration.  Our calls are heeded.  The heeding of those calls, lifts us up.  We believe again, in miracles and in wonder, in the soft sweet things that brought us joy, and we hope again, even if things aren’t going exactly the way we’d like them to.  Even if the rest of the year we did not, or do not – now we can, or we may – all is open to us and everything is possible.

You are a light, and you shine brightly even when others do not notice because of all the other lights or the light that is present.  Now more than ever, you have the opportunity to shine your festive light, of love, of hope, of charity, or of strength as you get through something that you are struggling with.  If you are struggling right now, at some point, when you share your story – and I promise you that you will – you will be the uplifting strength that someone needs to get through their own struggles and trying times.

Shine on little light bearer, and do what only you can do!  Your purpose is one only you can fulfill.  The world needs you, shine your light!

Merry Christmas!

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