Maddening Mad Gab

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Have you ever played this game?  Mad Gab?  I love it!  It has got to be the most humous thing on the face of the planet to see your friends and/or family play this.  For them, totally maddening – for me, ha-ha-halarious!  We just did this at my sister’s house over Thanksgiving, and as everyone read the cards I was shouting out answers.  Mostly before everybody else, but my nephew and other sister were on a roll at one point too.  My husband kept saying: “That’s why I don’t play games with her!”  My wife brain had several thoughts on that, some not fit for a blog.

So if you have not played this game – there are cards that have words on them and you have to figure out what they mean.  It is like a code that once read out loud, you can usually figure out by listening.  The strategy employed seemed to be to read the card fast and it just sounds like what it is supposed to be.  The reason the game can be maddening, is because the person reading the card has a look on their face like: “What the heck is this supposed to say?”  Most people hear the words a few times and pop out what they are getting at.  The blank stares at each other are funny too.

We didn’t use a timer and didn’t really use teams or anything when we played, we did a free-for-all, which was really fun too.  Well, for me anyway.  I too, found that having to read the cards to others sort of gets you stuck, but when someone else read the card(s), you could just hear most of the time what it was supposed to be.  A few of the cards really seemed to be a far reach for what they were trying to say so we would groan and move on.

Again, if you had never played this before here are some examples of what things could be on a card:
Wander Her Womb Hen – you read that and you’re like, huh?!
The answer is supposed to be “Wonder Woman”
Arrow Love Oil It Issue = A roll of toilet tissue
Dap Hell Chap Ore Dee = Double Jeopardy

See where this game is maddening yet total fun?  I would be super surprised if readers and writers of a blog(s) did not find this game awesome.  I mean, c’mon – we love words, do we not?  And this game makes communication a rare treat.  It’s not plain, simple or boring, and if you haven’t been around your family for a while it sure breaks some ice.  Holidays can be like that, no?

Got other family/friend orientated games you’re into?  Using your brain ones?  Feel free to share!

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