Holly Jolly Folly

via Daily Prompt: Folly

I think they need to make an event over the holidays (before or during Christmas?) with Santa(s) and call it the: “Holly Jolly Folly.”  It could be an event or a series of events.
A masquerade dance where attendees are dressed as Mr. & Mrs. Kringle’s – who doesn’t like dress up?
A secret Santa event for gift giving – this could even be a charity event where people are bringing gifts for kids who may not get gifts because of circumstances beyond them.
Santa and Mrs. Claus could pick a “shining star” from a group of young people (who happen to be there or from a list of *nice* children) and give them an award, a scholarship, or honor them in some way.  It would work as a dress up award for guests to the dance or for charitable events to those who have given generously.  Announcements of “who made the nice list” and the “shining star award” could be an “on-the-top” of the list, like a star on the top of a tree.
Making cookies with Mrs. Claus – with Santa Judges (Santa loves cookies!).
“Snowball Sundae’s” could be created or served.  Or snowballs on a stick would be neat – like cake pops with peppermint or something similar for a snowball effect.  Rice Crispy Treats in the shape of a ball with powdered sugar?  You could probably put those on sticks too.
Name that reindeer and pin the nose on Rudolph for children’s events.  But not on a paper on the wall, I’m thinking a reindeer model head (or face) that’s really huge = huge nose, rubber ball big. Shooting hoops with the basket being where a nose should go would be neat too.
An elf-evator (elevator) ride up, with a slide down into a winter wonderland North Pole, and/or with a toy tour where people could buy and/or make toys with the help of elves.  Children could make ornaments with the elves.
Could be the Holly Jolly Folly is a walk/run where everybody is dressed up as a Christmas character…Santa, Mrs. Claus, an elf, a reindeer, an angel, presents, a big bow, ginger bread man/woman, the star on a tree – a tree.  The course could be lined with giant candy canes and the walk/run could take place down “candy cane lane.”  Colder places like where I live could do a ski event instead of a run, or an ice skating adventure.
I could even see where this could be a man event – enter your Tim the Tool-man Taylor, man noises here – where Santa’s souped-up-Sleigh is an event at the Holly Jolly Folly.  Candy cane lane is a race track, and each person entered is dressed up.
The folly could be such fun.  Or like my husband said: “Fa la la la la, folly.”


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