Conundrum Free

via Daily Prompt: Conundrum

One of the conundrums we all face in life at one point or another is a crossroads.  Everything becomes a riddle.  I hear in my head as I write that: “Riddle me this, Batman…”

Why is it that it is so difficult to make a decision in these times?  Or why do we fear what the future may hold if we do move ahead?  What is it about the possibilities?  What is it about the: “What I do today, will effect my (blank)…” that has such long-reaching consequences which stops us in our tracks?  Why do we look from this way, to that – to get to where we hope, or want to be – with such fear, or such a heavy ominous tones internally?  You know what I’m talking about.  That negative self talk.  We all do it.  “Oh my, if I do this – then I can’t do that.” or “Well, how do I know if this will work?” or “What if I make the wrong choice or decision right now?  That will screw up my whole life!”

How come we forget that if we make a “wrong” choice or decision, that we can always change decisions or directions?  Why do we think things like “Yeah, but then my time will have been wasted.” or “What if I’m too old?” or “What if I’m not good enough?” or “I don’t want to look stupid or feel that way down the line.” or, really, pick your poison here because every major decision or crossroads in life has checklist with it (that we all go through line-by-line) as we debate on what we want, what we think we want, or what we need – and whether or not it is valid.  Why do we turn our dreams and hopes into our enemies?  Why do we judge them and throw them to others to be lifted up or rejected by a person or group?  Why do we question the validity of our wants, our needs, our hopes and dreams to begin with?  Isn’t it supposed to be part of being human that we make mistakes?  Aren’t we supposed to learn from them?  Isn’t that a good thing?

We, as human beings, really have a knack for turning things into crazy puzzles, making the adventures in life scary, and we give ourselves such a hard time.  We create these conundrums for ourselves.  Which is great if you like horror, or puzzles – if you want to live on, or off of fear; if you want to let others punish you, or if you want to defecate all over yourself as you go through life – but where’s the fun in that?!  Hopefully that will be the question we ask ourselves when we are busy having a crossroads conundrum in the future!  Where’s the FUN in THIS?!?!  And if we cannot answer that in a way that leads us back to our happiness, or to a new one – hopefully the path we end up getting on and taking will!

Here’s to figuring your life out without all the puzzles, games, and horror shows.  Cheers to you, because there’s way too many people out there getting ready to boo!  Have fun and do what you love!


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