Mystical Love

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I am in awe of the mystery and mysticism of love.
But is it really a mystery?  When people are overtaken by it, like saints in ecstasy, aware of nothing else but the visions they are having, the feelings they are feeling, yet frozen in that mystical experience where they seem to lose time.  Is it like that?  I think so, for some.  For others mystical love is more simple, yet still, mystical love.
Do we know that love is everywhere, all around us?  People say that, but how do we know it is true?  How can we?  Are we paying attention?
We are so caught up in the day-to-day, we miss all the beautiful things around us.  The love that is there, popping out waving “hello” while our faces are stuck in our phones.  The sky with the beautiful blues, or white clouds, and birds flying in the air.  A bright beautiful sun throughout the day or at sunrise or sunset.  Or the night sky, with the little pin-pricks of light that we’ve made shapes out of by connecting the dots.  Or a wonderfully full moon like a flashlight shining down while all is velvety dark.  I love the sky.  For me it is breathtaking and I admire it for long periods.  For me, the sky is mystical.
What about plants, or animals, or other people?  People who garden and get lost in the mystical of tending and growing because they enjoy it – they love it.  Pet owners who are so connected with their pets that they feel their pets know and understand them, and vice-versa.  Or when you have a loved one who really gets you, and knows you in a way that only they can.  Those connections for many, are mystical and fueled by love.
Not all people consider every day experiences to be mystical.  Those people think they have to be record breaking, earth shaking things that only happen to very special people or only happen once in a lifetime, but they don’t.
We bring the mystical, the mystery, the awe, the ecstasy, to anything we want – to anything or anyone we love, to many things we focus on and pay attention to, those things that we give our heart and soul to, for however long or brief a period of time which that may be.  Sometimes the mystical we bring is even a piece of technology, or an idea we wish to give birth to.  Or we imbue the mystical into things by our loving action towards others, like giving – because it feels good – but the mystical and the mystical love is always there waiting for us to notice and acknowledge and “make it so.”
The mystical is in all things for me, all the time.  It just takes an observant eye, and an open heart to begin to see that all around, that everything is part of a bigger mystery.  And like the Tesla song lyric, “Love is all around you, love is knocking outside your door, waiting for you…” this sentiment is true.  Look up at the sky and listen with your heart, you will hear the song of love and be in, and with, the mystical.  In the mystical love.

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