Daily Prompt: Protest

via Daily Prompt: Protest

Protest, what kind?
A hunger strike that will make you get thinner after skipping breakfast, lunch and dinner?
Are you carrying picket signs, and forming lines?
Sing-songing a catch phrase that will be the next craze? 
Are you testing your fate?
How long will you have to wait?
Giving dirty looks to those crooked crooks, hoping you’ll be the winner?
Does your news hit the stand showing every demand, with your photo front and center?
You’ll kick and you’ll scream to get to your dream, you’ll brave any weather.
The end game is near, then you hear people cheer!
Your Pro-test says your the best.
No one could be better.
You’ve got class, you’ve got style, and you’re wearing a smile!
Side walk’s no longer your camp, you’ve won, you’re the champ!
You can roam at your home again now.

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