A Medium Wants You to Know

There are most definitely some myths when it comes to mediumship, or thoughts about it that are wholly untrue.  There are also some things that practicing mediums may want you to know, but that they may not say to you in order to be polite.  Possibly they are hoping that you will take some classes, read some books, or find this post.  😀

There are some rules to mediumship that are basic things everyone should know – why?  So that you don’t get bamboozled by the fakers, and so you know what is accepted and what is not. 

Basics you may want to know:

  1. Mediums are in control – not the Spirit Entity coming through.
  2. Mediums are human – they can mess up a message from someone on the Spirit Side of life.  No medium is 100%, 100% of the time.
  3. Mediums are not always “ON” nor should they be.
  4. Mediums are NOT endowed with some special power(s) and those who do mediumship, are not Saints or special in some way compared to you.
  5. Mediums who say they are “channeling” or “trancing” any famous people, angels, Jesus, or other – may very well be full of it.
  6. Mediums are regular people, they aren’t evil or doing the work “of the devil” they are just using their natural gifts.

So let’s take that from the top, shall we?

  1. There are people who claim that they have no control over themselves when they are conversing during mental mediumship, or that they have no control over what they say.  Bull.  That is the first rule of mediumship.  You, the medium, are in control.  Any guides, teachers, or others coming through are there to help you – not control you.  They do not take over unless you allow them to do so.  You have to give them your permission.  When mediums say they have a guide who is a “control” that is a person who is supposed to be guarding them, and who “controls” the crowd of people who may want to communicate through the medium.  They make sure the person doing mediumship stays safe.  Imagine this like the following: there is a phone booth with a bunch of people in line wanting to use it, some grow impatient and want to skip ahead or who try to bully their way to the front.  The guide who is the “control” is basically the bouncer.  You, the medium, are the phone booth or the phone itself – those people in line are the spirit people trying to get a message through you to their loved ones.
  2. Mediums being an INSTRUMENT for this communication (the phone or phone booth from #1), can be a clear channel or have a clear connection, or they may be touch-and-go.  If you have ever dropped a call, or if your phone ever had static on the line, if the caller was muffled, or if there was too much noise around you, or them – there could be a problem in the communication or in understanding it.  Messages are like that sometimes.  Play the game telephone – where you whisper one word to a person, and they have to whisper it to the next person, and so on…the message eventually becomes garbled or turns into something completely different.  Banana becomes grapefruit.  The listener also needs to just listen to the message and not make it into something it is not.  The responsibility goes two ways, it is not onesided.  Remember that an honest medium is trying very hard to give you a message from your loved one(s) and they want it to be correct too.  This is a lot of pressure, they are human.  Mediums even if they are absolutely great, are not 100% accurate 100% of the time.  Pro athletes are not even that good.  Remember that mediums are human, and can make mistakes, misunderstand, or in translation of a message, get it wrong.  Cut them some slack.
  3. No medium is always “ON” they are not picking up things about you that you don’t want known just because they are a medium.  No medium (or psychic) should be on all the time either.  New mediums need to learn to turn down, or turn off their mediumship and/or psychic abilities.
  4. Anyone can do mediumship, it is as natural as breathing.  Many just need to be taught what to do and how to do it.  Some people are tuned-in already, they just call it something else (like gut feelings).  Others have learned to shut themselves off from an early age and do not remember how to connect again.  You do not have to be a good person to be able to do mediumship or to have psychic abilities, because it is natural.  But mediumship comes in different forms, so if you train and find you do healing (a form of mediumship) but you wanted to connect and give messages, don’t be upset.  Also, messages of a higher nature will most likely come to a person who is of a higher vibration (what some would consider a “good person”) than a lower one (not so good person) but spirit will use anyone who is willing when they have a message to get through.  Look at it like this – if you were stranded because your car had a flat, your cell phone died so you couldn’t call anyone, it was extreme weather outside, and you had to walk 20 or so miles to the nearest anything – if a stranger stopped and offered to let you use their phone and/or to give you a ride to civilization, would you refuse?  Probably not, right?  You do not have to be a chaste person to do mediumship, it helps, but it is not a requirement.  That would be like saying that you have to be a certain way to breathe air.  Mediumship again, is natural like breathing, anyone willing to put in the practice to the practice, will get something out of it.  Good, bad, or indifferent as our perspectives may be about them.
  5. Always beware of people saying that they can get in touch with certain people that have passed on, or that they can “channel” or trance, and/or have someone come through that is famous who will speak to you.  Mediums do not have this ability, the person or people coming through will be the ones who want or need to communicate with you.  A person who says they can bring forth someone you want to speak to is not doing mediumship, this is called necromancy – not mediumship.  I’m not saying it is impossible for people to speak with or bring through any famous people, I’m just saying be cautious and consider the source.  Angels, ascended masters, or Jesus, are going to be strong energy, high vibration energy.  Does this person or medium seem to be someone who lives a life that would be able to draw that type of vibration or energy to them?  The laws of vibration and attraction are at work with mediumship, please remember this also.  The thing about mediumship is, that Spirit People are lowering their vibration as the medium makes theirs higher, and the medium, and spirit people are meeting in the middle, energetically speaking.  The medium and the spirit people are only able to maintain this type of connection for as long as they can all do it.  Someone of a lower vibration will not be able to maintain or possibly even reach someone in a higher vibration.  The exception to this would be someone looking to become better, they would attract someone higher due to the aspiration and work done, or work they are willing to do.  Look at it like this – electricity – if you have too much power going to something, what happens to the breaker or fuse in your house?  It pops!  We are energy, but if our energy is only that of an AA battery, and we need the energy of an atomic bomb to reach someone of a higher vibration – how likely is it that it will work?  That’s just logic.  Please use logic when dealing with mediumship and mediums.
  6. As a medium, I can say to you with confidence that even though I am a “regular person” (cough, cough, laugh – we are all unique individuals hence, my internal laughing) people have their opinions about contact with the spirit world which are not necessarily informed.  There are many beliefs about mediumship but on this one in particular – that people are evil or working for a, or the devil, well, that is just misinformation and untrue.  Although I have written that you do not need to be a good person to do mediumship, it does help your messages if you are.  That does not mean that “the devil” is using the other people for evil, or that mediumship is evil in any way.  It isn’t.  There are many biblical instances that Modern Spiritualism can and does site as forms, or acts, of mediumship.  Many religions have a metaphysical element to them, they just use different language to explain these elements.  My religion as a Spiritualist sites the Golden Rule as one of our Principles – “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”  Everyone who practices kindness towards others whether religious or not, is following that spiritual natural law to one degree or another.  But as a medium, and believing that this needs to be done to raise my vibration – being kind is a practice to be practiced.  I encourage others to understand that being afraid of this natural ability does not make it evil, nor does practicing it make a person evil.

Things a Medium may want you to know:

  1. Your openness to the process will help or hinder whether or not the message you get is “good.”  If you are overly skeptical and come to prove that it’s all a bunch of bunk, you aren’t really open to the process.  Taking some time to meditate and/or quietly ask internally who you would like to communicate with, as well as any information you wish to gain will aid in the process.  Now again, a side note – as some mediums will enjoy dealing with a skeptic to prove they are wrong or to be the one to help them see this is real, but many do not enjoy the negativity of people with this energy or state.
  2. Your energy or vibration as well as the medium’s energy or vibration working with you will also effect the quality of the messages you receive.
  3. We don’t have all the answers to your life, you are supposed to be living that yourself – come for guidance or to connect with people on the Spirit Side of Life, but do not depend on a medium or Spirit People for all your answers.  Do not become one of those people who goes every day, or week, or month, to a medium or even a psychic, asking the same questions hoping you will get different answers.  There is a term for people who “can’t make a move without spirit” these people are considered to be mediumship over-dependent.  Do not go to a medium more than once or twice a year for an extended reading.  If you have a crisis during that time, by all means seek guidance if you feel you need it – but don’t make this a habit or get sucked into sitting with someone on a regular basis so they can drain your wallet.  Learn to use your own insight.  Mediumship should bring you confidence in yourself and your decision process – not make you a slave to someone else’s insight.  If a medium does not tell you that they won’t see you more than a once or twice a year for a private reading (an hour or more long) – please seek someone else to help you.
  4. Pay attention to what a medium says and does with you!  I am a Spiritualist minister, mediumship is frequently done as a part of our church services, I have countless times seen mediums going up to people (especially the new people) and asking them a bunch of questions before or after a service.  These “mediums” then regurgitate back to the people the information or answers they got from questions they asked.  If a medium asks you a host of questions before, after, or during a demonstration of mediumship or in a private reading (sometimes called a sitting), listen to what they say to you after the questions are asked.  Most trained mediums are told not to ask any questions of the person or people with them.  The two questions that they are allowed to ask are: “Do you understand?” or “Does this make sense?”  These are yes or no questions and they need no more than that if they are truly doing mediumship.  I have literally watched (and subsequently corrected) mediums say to someone in a congregation that they have “a grandfather who worked with tools” coming through, then that same medium, will say “so do you have a grandfather who worked with tools?”  If they want to know further details, they should be having this conversation with the Spirit People coming through to them.  The logical mind can also be looking for validation if this is constantly done by a medium.  If so, they are coming out of the state that they need to be in to be communicating with people on the Spirit side of life (a light trance state).  Or, the person in question is doing a “cold reading” by just throwing basic things “out there” that may or may not apply to any person present, and these “mediums” are checking if they are on the right track.  Yes, sometimes mediums are unsure of themselves, or are lacking in confidence in themselves or Spirit, they have a sort of stage fright, or they witness others doing this so it becomes a bad habit, but it doesn’t make the demonstration as convincing if the medium seems to be fishing for information instead of confidently stating the informaton they are getting.  When a medium is constantly asking questions that they could easily ask the spirit person if they are indeed communicating with one, the message however valid, becomes weaker in the eyes of a skeptic or others present witnessing the demonstration of mediumship.
  5. The difference between a psychic and a medium.  You may or may not have heard that all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.  So what’s the difference?  A medium, is having a conversation with someone on the spirit side of life.  A psychic is picking up on vibrations and energy.  If all the information of everything was in one place – picture a fountain, of knowledge – a psychic would be taking their cup, and dipping it into the fountain and pulling out universal knowledge.  A medium would be doing that as well as having a conversation with a spirit person.  A medium can do both, and usually is doing a mix of both while doing mediumship.


Mistakes Mediums Make:

  • Alcohol to “loosen up” – this is never advised as it lowers the vibration, if you’re drinking alcohol do not do, or attempt to do mediumship!
  • Not taking mediumship seriously and using it as a game – if you are going to undertake unfoldment (not development as is usually called) take it seriously and work in a dedicated manner toward the practice.
  • Not protecting their energy by asking that this be done, or by visualizing some sort of armor, egg, bubble, white light, or other, to keep them safe.
  • Not trusting Spirit to guide you and give you proper information, or not trusting yourself when you get it.
  • Unfoldment alone – if you hope to learn, or to control things you are already aware of, seek a teacher and/or a group to work with you to help lay a foundation.
  • Mediumship is a muscle, you must use it or lose it.  Exercise it!
  • Coloring a message – this is a term to describe an adding-to what is received or trying to explain the message to the person it is to go to, never do this, always just give what you get and allow the person receiving the message to interpret it for themselves.  You are the telephone, you don’t need to understand the conversation, just transmit it.
  • Forgetting they serve a higher purpose, not just themselves – people who want to unfold mediumship just to be famous, or to make money should probably reconsider their actions as the laws of cause and effect and retribution could work to their disadvantage.
  • Allowing others to rely on them and helping to create mediumship over-dependence – it is an ego boost when people want to constantly come to you for your mediumship abilities but this is to be discouraged by the medium to help them and their sitter(s).
  • Letting ego take over.
  • Taking on too much too fast – from sitting in meditation for too long, to taking every class to learn quickly and “hurry up and unfold” this could cause you to slump and slow or stop your progress.
  • Getting frustrated with their learning and feeling like they will never “get it” – some people will peak by being able to do some things right away and that is as far as they go, others may take a long time, but end up being rewarded for their patience because they have put in the time to their practice.
  • Not accepting the talents they are given only to have them wasted away.
  • Not sitting regularly in meditation – meditation on a daily basis is a must for any medium hoping to unfold.

There may be more that comes to mind on this subject in the future.
If you found this and have questions, please feel free to ask me.

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