A Medium Wants You to Know

There are most definitely some myths when it comes to mediumship, or thoughts about it that are wholly untrue.  There are also some things that practicing mediums may want you to know, but that they may not say to you in order to be polite.  Possibly they are hoping that you will take some classes, read some books, or find this post.  😀

There are some rules to mediumship that are basic things everyone should know – why?  So that you don’t get bamboozled by the fakers, and so you know what is accepted and what is not.  Continue reading “A Medium Wants You to Know”


The Holiday Martyr

via Daily Prompt: Martyr

You know them, the ones driving themselves crazy trying to be perfect.  Driving you crazy too.  Ready to kill for a gift and die for their cause.  They will absolutely have “a happy holiday” like the song says, if it kills them.  They are busy setting up their holiday perfection with all the “right” things.  They have to have a feast at their house, they have to invite all the proper relatives, or people.  And everyone better be cheerful and get along.

The bonus from work is spent – and then some – on: a caterer, lights, the tree, wreaths, gifts for the family, gift for friends, gifts for the coworkers, cookies, cocoa, those new styling handcrafted Continue reading “The Holiday Martyr”