Vanish(ing) Cream

via Daily Prompt: Vanish

There are things that I wish would vanish, and some that I’d rather see not.

We love to see things we detest go away – that zit, an annoying person, cellulite.
We can’t stand to see money vanish, we cringe at the amber alerts, or the death of people we knew or loved. 

I remember Tom & Jerry (the cartoon), and their use of vanishing cream.  (Photo above)  What if we could do that with our problems – just grab a jar of cream and slather it on that issue we are bothered by and watch it fade away?  Problem is, Tom and Jerry were both still there, we just couldn’t see them.

The “stuff” in life is like that isn’t it?  We can hide it, ignore it, or make ourselves believe it has disappeared, but really, it hasn’t gone away.  Or sometimes we think that things have cropped up “out of nowhere.”  We just didn’t see it.  We were blind, it was invisible – how do we make it vanish now?

The only way we make that “stuff” vanish, is by problem solving, coming up with solutions and implementing them.  If we take action, we can make things disappear.  It might not be as cartoon cool as dabbing on a cream and making things invisible but easy doesn’t always make for a sense of accomplishment.  We need that as people, we need things to be challenging, not so much so to break us or defeat us, just enough to keep us going forward.  Challenges in life make us better.  They teach us lessons.  They make us stronger individuals.

Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition – such as lifting weights – we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity.
-Stephen Convey

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