Daily Prompt: Sacred

via Daily Prompt: Sacred

Sacred, could be something religious or spiritual for some.  The word makes me think of buildings of worship.  Objects.  I’d rather it brought up different pictures in my mind.  I’d like to see, and therefore need to create a new image when looking at the word.  I would like to dust off a new space for sacred.  Not just create a sacred space in a building, but choose to call other things sacred. 

What if everyday things were sacred?  What if telling people you love them was a sacred thing?  What if looking at the sky on a clear night and admiring the stars was sacred?  Being in awe of a sunrise or sunset, or the words on a page, or an image, or a piece of music, what if those things were all sacred?

I have a friend that doesn’t believe in churches, the place(s) most would be considered to be sacred.  She feels the need only to commune in her yard with nature.  Her thought process, that she shared with me once was that: “God is supposed to be in everything, and so I can be in my yard with nature and God is there.”  I love that thought process.  There is a freedom in it.

What if everything was sacred?  My sleep is sacred.  My body is sacred.  My food is sacred. My dwelling is sacred.  My thoughts are sacred.  My job is sacred.  My family is sacred.  My friends are sacred.  What if every action I took was sacred?  What would that look like?  Such a tiny word, and such a whole new world that will spring from it if I let it.  If the creative part of me is left to create, dance and play.

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