Ok, I just wanted to mention here that I have not fallen in love with a theme yet.  So this background may see some changes until I do.  If you come back and it is different – it’s not you, it’s me.  I plan on doing more formatting and adding things to posts once I decide what exactly I like in a background and the overall functionality. 

Isn’t it funny how you can totally pick things and get them going for other people sometimes, but not for yourself?  I am definitely having that problem right now.  I have designed, created, designed, and recreated things for other people on the web for years but there are so many things I could do –uggg!

I love the blue, but not in love with the dark background on this one (Escutcheon).  I’m still deciding.  Bear with me please.

If you don’t enjoy David Bowie (the song Changes) I have to assume that something is wrong with you right now.  Or you’re just too young to know who he is.
So here’s your musical distraction: