The Gold Ovation

Exultation and ovation

The jubilation of every nation

It is such an exhilaration

To receive this acclamation!


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Retreat: Daily Prompt

Retreat, in the spiritual sense – it’s something that we all do once in a while, in our own ways.  We get our bearing again after the world and life throws us off kilter.  We do this to become Continue reading “Retreat: Daily Prompt”

Shining Your Festive Light

Today promises to be a festive day for most.  It’s Christmas day, and many are opening their presents, spending time with their relatives and friends, and sharing joy and love for each other.

I say most, because some are gritting their teeth during this time.  Others are sad and lonely.  As much as there is literally a palpable, tangible, “love in the air” that is the Spirit of Christmas Continue reading “Shining Your Festive Light”

Guilty Promptness

Because I feel guilty that I haven’t had time to do a daily prompt I thought I would do the last seven in one…

Enthusiasm in a moody man leads him to discover a mineral bounty, where he finds his fortune after which he finds he can be calm and relax.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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Daily Prompt: Fishing

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Fishing – fishing makes me think of phishing, or people who “fish” for information.  Which isn’t a really positive thing in my mind.  It also reminds me of memories of going fishing, and hooking family members, but not any fish.  That was while I was in the process of casting the line.  One of my uncles even scared me with a fish head while cleaning it.  I also passed out once trying to fish on a hot day, another not so fun moment.    Fishing itself has not so many nice memories for me.  Needless to say, fishing is not really my thing.  Hanging around on the water and watching other people is fine though, or sitting on a shore, or bridge.

The most uplifting and interesting moments with fishing itself, for me, were listening to others talk about it and how much fun they had doing it.  That infectious happiness some people have when they tell you a story, or their fish tales.  (~wink~)  Things like that would get me excited about fishing without my really being interested in it to begin with.  Some people just have that ability, or maybe it is the love and excitement they have for their interest that makes it interesting.  I always felt that was the reason.  I wasn’t really interested in the subject, or going fishing, but you get caught up in the moments with other people, or swept away in them.

Wishing for fishing
I’m definitely not
But you go ahead
Sit in that spot
Cast your line
You little stinker
Someone will get you
Hook, line and sinker


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Maddening Mad Gab

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Have you ever played this game?  Mad Gab?  I love it!  It has got to be the most humous thing on the face of the planet to see your friends and/or family play this.  For them, totally maddening – for me, ha-ha-halarious!  We just did this at my sister’s house over Thanksgiving, and as everyone read the cards Continue reading “Maddening Mad Gab”

Holly Jolly Folly

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I think they need to make an event over the holidays (before or during Christmas?) with Santa(s) and call it the: “Holly Jolly Folly.”  It could be an event or a series of events.
A masquerade dance where attendees are dressed as Mr. & Mrs. Kringle’s – who doesn’t like dress up?
A secret Santa event for gift giving – this could even be a charity event where people are bringing gifts for kids who may not get gifts because of circumstances beyond them.
Santa and Mrs. Claus could pick a “shining star” from a group of young people (who happen to be there or from a list of *nice* children) and give them an award, a scholarship, or honor them in some way.  It would work as a dress up award for guests to the dance or for charitable events to those who have given generously.  Announcements of “who made the nice list” and the “shining star award” could be an “on-the-top” of the list, like a star on the top of a tree.
Making cookies with Mrs. Claus – with Santa Judges (Santa loves cookies!).
“Snowball Sundae’s” could be created or served.  Or snowballs on a stick would be neat – like cake pops with peppermint or something similar for a snowball effect.  Rice Crispy Treats in the shape of a ball with powdered sugar?  You could probably put those on sticks too.
Name that reindeer and pin the nose on Rudolph for children’s events.  But not on a paper on the wall, I’m thinking a reindeer model head (or face) that’s really huge = huge nose, rubber ball big. Shooting hoops with the basket being where a nose should go would be neat too.
An elf-evator (elevator) ride up, with a slide down into a winter wonderland North Pole, and/or with a toy tour where people could buy and/or make toys with the help of elves.  Children could make ornaments with the elves.
Could be the Holly Jolly Folly is a walk/run where everybody is dressed up as a Christmas character…Santa, Mrs. Claus, an elf, a reindeer, an angel, presents, a big bow, ginger bread man/woman, the star on a tree – a tree.  The course could be lined with giant candy canes and the walk/run could take place down “candy cane lane.”  Colder places like where I live could do a ski event instead of a run, or an ice skating adventure.
I could even see where this could be a man event – enter your Tim the Tool-man Taylor, man noises here – where Santa’s souped-up-Sleigh is an event at the Holly Jolly Folly.  Candy cane lane is a race track, and each person entered is dressed up.
The folly could be such fun.  Or like my husband said: “Fa la la la la, folly.”


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Conundrum Free

via Daily Prompt: Conundrum

One of the conundrums we all face in life at one point or another is a crossroads.  Everything becomes a riddle.  I hear in my head as I write that: “Riddle me this, Batman…”

Why is it that it is so difficult to make a decision in these times?  Or why do we fear what the future may hold if we do move ahead?  What is it about the possibilities?  What is it about the: “What I do today, will effect my (blank)…” that has such long-reaching consequences which stops us in our tracks?  Why do we look from this way, to that – to get to where we hope, or want to be – with such fear, or such a heavy ominous tones internally?  You know what I’m talking about.  That negative self talk.  We all do it.  “Oh my, if I do this – then I can’t do that.” or “Well, how do I know if this will work?” or “What if I make the wrong choice or decision right now?  That will screw up my whole life!”

How come we forget that if we make a “wrong” choice or decision, that we can always change decisions or directions?  Why do we think things like “Yeah, but then my time will have been wasted.” or “What if I’m too old?” or “What if I’m not good enough?” or “I don’t want to look stupid or feel that way down the line.” or, really, pick your poison here because every major decision or crossroads in life has checklist with it (that we all go through line-by-line) as we debate on what we want, what we think we want, or what we need – and whether or not it is valid.  Why do we turn our dreams and hopes into our enemies?  Why do we judge them and throw them to others to be lifted up or rejected by a person or group?  Why do we question the validity of our wants, our needs, our hopes and dreams to begin with?  Isn’t it supposed to be part of being human that we make mistakes?  Aren’t we supposed to learn from them?  Isn’t that a good thing?

We, as human beings, really have a knack for turning things into crazy puzzles, making the adventures in life scary, and we give ourselves such a hard time.  We create these conundrums for ourselves.  Which is great if you like horror, or puzzles – if you want to live on, or off of fear; if you want to let others punish you, or if you want to defecate all over yourself as you go through life – but where’s the fun in that?!  Hopefully that will be the question we ask ourselves when we are busy having a crossroads conundrum in the future!  Where’s the FUN in THIS?!?!  And if we cannot answer that in a way that leads us back to our happiness, or to a new one – hopefully the path we end up getting on and taking will!

Here’s to figuring your life out without all the puzzles, games, and horror shows.  Cheers to you, because there’s way too many people out there getting ready to boo!  Have fun and do what you love!


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It Bespoke of Adventure

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So in thinking about what the heck to do with the prompt “bespoke” since I don’t know about you, but I, uh, don’t speak in a way that makes bespoke a part of my regular vocabulary or sentence structure.  I did not travel from the past in a time machine to get here.  Although, that would be cool because if I had, it would make me using a computer, the internet, and all our technology of “today” such a feat.  But I digress, or do I?  Maybe my antiquated English skills once bespoke of my extended experience with time travel.  Ah-ha!  I knew I could make that relevant.  Anyway…

What I was going to mention, before my near digression, was this site I found that seemed to be full of “guy stuff” which also seemed cool since holiday gift giving may be around the corner for some.  Yes, it had things that were not for men exclusively, I just noticed more of the male related products since most sites that sell nice things are geared toward women with lots of women things.  I’d say “lady things” but that makes me think of things that have nothing to do with internet browsing/shopping.  Getting side tracked again, anyyywaaay…  You’ll never guess the name of the site!  Okay, well maybe you will given the prompt today – it’s called BESPOKEPOST.  I found that interesting, here’s a link:

Thanks to the daily prompt for helping me find things I knew nothing about!
So this daily prompt bespoke internet adventure.

Wow this was fun!  Happy days to all!

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Daily Prompt: Flee

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I can’t help but think in rhymes when I see the word of today.  It’s Monday, and it’s been a long day.  Sometimes you just need a short and cute chuckle with an adorable baby picture.  Come on, you know that pig is adorable!  Sometimes you also just need some sleep, really – some really good sleep.  I’m not blank, I’m just tired – so here ya go…


A pig says wee
It brings us such glee
No one can flee

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