Secretly Super…Your True Story

This is a short book I have written.  I do not own copyright to characters, TV shows, or other things I use as frame of reference for this story.

To you, my sweet soul, who knows deep inside that there is more to you, more to this life, and many more adventures waiting.

This book is a creative twist on how we view ourselves and our spirituality.  What we are capable of is so much more than we think it is.  We are so much more than we think we are.  This book is about seeing yourself and your journey here on this Earth, in a new way – a “Super” way.  The experience is about you getting to know you.  Why are you here?  What is your purpose?  What are your special talents and gifts?  I can’t tell you what the answers to those questions are, but you can figure them out as you get to know the “real” you.  This book can be a first step along your journey – one that explains an origin story that could be yours, one that could be “Your True Story” and that shows you that you are indeed “Secretly Super.”

Chapter 1  – Why Do We Love Heroes?

Why do we love heroes?  What is their purpose?  What is it that we see in them?  In one form or another, they have been around for years.  It just depends on where you look.  Our ancestors probably sat in their caves and spun their own stories of heroes.

Superheroes, or regular everyday heroes, or their stories, always seem to be there to lift us up when we need it, to give us strength, or hope, or to help us mould higher qualities in ourselves – because we think to ourselves, “someone else did it” so we can too.  Or they and their stories can inspire us.  From the mythical strength of Hercules and his trials and feats, to that of Superman leaping tall buildings in a single bound, or those of Wonder-Woman flying in her invisible jet and using her lasso to make people tell the truth.  From their character traits and strengths, to their not-so-quite-perfect flaws – we cheer for them, we relate to them, we struggle with them as we read, or watch their stories unfold.  We want to be them, or to be like them.  We often wish we could be heroic, or super, in some way.  Special, or different, yet still like everybody else, or still accepted by them.  We play with the idea of having a secret identity, or being someone else, if only for a little while.  We think thoughts of how it wouldn’t matter as much if people did not accept us as they may not now, because “if we were super,” or if we had this power, or that one – it would no longer matter that we are, or have been, treated unjustly.  The fact that we are ignored, or shunned, or picked on, would suddenly matter less.  Or maybe it would now have meaning, or not bother us so much as it has, or did, or may now.  It seems unimportant why we fantasize like this.  Be it for enjoyment, or for escape, or because we just like to be entertained.  For one reason or another – most – if not all of us, like, or even want to be – a hero.  Many of us still secretly hold this wish as adults.  You remember what this was like when you were a child?  You put your blanket around your neck and pretended to fly like Superman.  You put on a mask at Halloween, and you were batman, or the Lone Ranger, or Zorro.  Or maybe you were Underdog from the cartoons, or some other character.  You wanted to be more than you were.

It is this want for more, for something better for ourselves, for a greater, better version of who we are that creates heroes of all kinds.  To be better for others, or to fulfill our sense of duty and justice, to uphold what is right, these are reasons we have people who willingly join the military to serve their country, or those people who join police forces “to serve and protect” us from harm.  It is this inner wish that in some – is so strong – that it absolutely must be fulfilled.  Those people who follow that inner calling are our everyday heroes.  Honesty, integrity, duty, loyalty and honor, are all key words with these heroes.  From the firefighter who runs into a burning building to save lives, to the one-time so called “ordinary” person who through a brave or selfless act of helping, or saving someone, does something good, just, and right.  These are the honorable people in our world, and in our lives.  Sometimes we are lucky enough to meet these people.  Sometimes we are blessed enough to have been helped by them, and sometimes we may be privileged enough to even know or be related to them.

Or maybe, maybe we ourselves are these people.  Maybe our potential has yet to be discovered, or unfolded?  Maybe someone else sees in us the proverbial “diamond in the rough” that we are.  Maybe they are, in their own ways, trying to help us see this potential in ourselves.  From teachers, to friends, to colleagues at work.  Every hero seems to have a mentor at some point, if you don’t have one now, maybe you did.  If you don’t have one, maybe you are one.  Maybe you have an innate ability to listen to others and discern with them what is truth and what is not.  Maybe your moral compass is always right on the mark and you can therefore lead and guide others.  Maybe that is your super-power or gift to the corner of the world you occupy.

Even still, there are other heroes who have some tragic thing happen to them that has transformed them.  From a radioactive spider bite, to losing a loved one.  Some heroes are made in “trial by fire” circumstances beyond their control.  Yet, there is always that something that makes them choose right, over wrong.  Good over evil.  Love over hate and fear.  The light, even though they are invited to “come to the dark side.”

Heroes also struggle.  They struggle with what is right, they struggle with what they should do, or how they should be.  They work hard at some things, while others come so easily and naturally to them, and we again, wish we were like that.  We wish that some things in our lives came easily.  Some heroes are “lone wolves” that have no support system to speak of, only their own inner guidance system, or a voice from the past that leads them with remembered words of wisdom as they struggle now.

Others have a trusted companion, or an entire group to help them, or a whole support system that they can bounce things off of.  They may belong to a family, group, sect, or tribe, have a mentor, use a set of rules or skills that are learned, practiced and then perfected.  They may use a computer for answers, or to calculate probability.  They may be able through some special powers to see future outcomes and their variations to help them make better decisions and choices.

Sometimes though, and even with help, or sight, or skills, they may still make wrong choices or decisions, for themselves, or the others they are trying to help.  So what choices should they make?  The ones that are right for them alone?  Or the ones that are for “the greater good,” or for humanity, or their city, state, or country, as a whole?  Should they put their families and loved ones on the back burner, or be with them and let those other things fall to the side?  Which is the better choice?  What is more or most important?  We often see our heroes having to make choices between their own personal happiness and the fate of the world, their city, or those they are trying to protect.  They will usually pick their loved ones only in the direst situations, yet still attempt to save everyone else too.  We know what this struggle is like, although usually it is on a much smaller scale.  Do I take Jimmy to the doctor now, and call my boss from the doctor’s office to say I will be late – again?  Can I get this work done now, or will it be a late night?  Will I have to cancel my dinner plans with my love?  What should I put first?  What are the things that matter the most?  Who should take priority in my life when all these other things are calling at me?  Am I being selfish if I make this choice instead of that one?

Yes, we struggle with choices and decisions just as heroes do.  Most of us however, do not have the fate of the world hanging in the balance, but many of us are wracked with “what if’s,” or regret, or remorse, at different points in time about our choices and decisions and where we are at, or where those choices and decisions have taken us.  We worry about what could have been, or what might have been, or what should have been.  We think of how things ended up and how they could have been better.  Most of the time our heroes are just like us that way, but our burdens can now seem less in comparison to theirs.  Our little follies and challenges in life become small because even if our heroes are characters in a book, TV show, or movie, we know our cares weren’t “the end of the world.”

Heroes also learn great and powerful lessons, as well as teach them.  We feel so much better about them when they learn things just like we do.  We relate to this, or remember what it was like (or is like) to struggle with our own flaws, or a particular problem.  Superman was not himself around red kryptonite and had a complete personality change.  Bruce Banner under stress and anger turned into the Hulk.  Some people can transform their struggles with substance abuse, and how they changed or treated others badly in comparison with Superman and the red kryptonite.  Others can relate to having jealousy, or anger issues and compare themselves to the Hulk.  My favorite line in the series with Bill Bixby was “Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”  Anger was his trigger to becoming someone else.  We all have or triggers, don’t we?  Have you ever thought about or noticed that the Hulk’s green color can also be a reminder of the “green eyed monster” of jealousy?  It’s those little subconscious details that also draw us in.

We too, have struggles with what’s right and how we behave in certain situations.  It’s these little reminders that even our heroes, like us, have issues like getting themselves under control.  That they also worry about cutting loose and being like everybody else, the same as we do.  Or they have the inner and sometimes outer conflicts of maintaining the “hero standards” and other’s expectations on top of their daily struggles, like getting the barn cleaned in between saving lives.  Do you hear your parents in your head right now?  Their familiar line: “if everybody else jumped off a bridge, would you?”

There’s something to be said for seeing others, even if fictional, going through things, that sparks us into a sense of unity, that makes us feel less alone.  Less different, less hurt.  We all struggle with hurt in our lives, and all throughout them, some of us more than others.  Some of us are looking so hard for the silver lining, for the light at the end of the tunnel, that even seeing a character of fiction going through struggle, and overcoming it – helps us.  It gives us the strength to rise above whatever our challenges may be.  We see others finding solutions, and being resourceful and we realize we can do those things too.  As the world or people in it seem to steal away: our hope, our gumption, our motivation, our reason for being, or our will for getting out of bed in the morning – and as the news tells us over-and-over again how awful the world is, along with most of the people who live in it – we can take some time now and again, to escape into this other place and be renewed.

Our heroes lift us up.  We can read about or watch others and recharge our hope batteries.  I remember when I went with my family to see the very first Rocky movie – literally, everyone who came out of the theater when that movie was over, was pumped.  The underdog had won.  We all want to be the one who wins in the end.  We all want to get through the struggles and lessons of life, and WIN!  We want someone, something, anyone, anything, to help keep us going. To recharge our love for life and reason for living batteries when they’re low – and our heroes help us do that.  We get a bit of a break from the turning of the wheels of life as we open up to other worlds, or better versions of our own.  When the message is uplifting, we are emotionally back on top and ready with a new zest to tackle our challenges.  This is why we love our heroes.

Chapter 2 – The Secret You

So let’s ask the question: What if there was a secret you?  For real.  A secret, mysterious you hiding beneath what you and everyone else sees as ordinary.  What if you were indeed a hero?  Super or otherwise.  What if you, with all your thoughts, and talents, and strengths, and weaknesses, and humanity, were indeed super?  What if it was just not in the way you thought?  What if there was a spiritual side to it?  I know, I know, ugh, spirituality inside a book talking about heroes!?  But what if?  What if you – ordinary, plain, simple, YOU, really were ever so much more?

There is a secret you.  Not the you that you don’t show to other people you don’t really know yet.  Not the parts of you that you don’t want people to see.  Not the you that wears the mask of politeness, or other trait to get along with the people around you.  Not one that wears glasses by day and looks for what is now nonexistent – a phone booth – to change into your super costume when someone needs your help.  You may have your own version of a bat cave or fortress of solitude that you occupy, but no, the secret you is not exactly what you may think of in terms of the superheroes you’ve come to know and love, whose positive character traits you may want or hope to emulate.

I’m talking about the part of you that sees to it that you learn and grow in the highest forms for your good and the good of those you come into contact with.  I’m talking about the divine part of you, the part of you that lives forever.  The part of you that will go to what many people call “heaven.”  I’m talking about what can be called or referred to as the animating part of you, some call it soul, or spirit, and others may call it the divine spark within.

Now, many people have been taught that when you die, or pass-on – that your spirit or soul – goes on.  Depending on what you have been taught, you may come across many differing versions of what happens and whether or not this has meaning to you.  If you believe that you die and there’s nothing after that – you’re probably reading the wrong book.  If you would like, put it down and read no further for you may not be at all interested in what is to follow.  If you are still reading, you want to know more so let’s continue.

“The secret you” as I am calling it here, is that part of you that goes on.  It is also what I believe to be that part of you that animates the body you are living in now.  If it goes on beyond this life here on Earth, as many believe, then, there must be a source from which it comes.  A vast and expansive source.  What is that source to you?  Is it energy?  It is the Infinite?  Is it simply what you would call God?  If you are energy, and energy is not created or destroyed, and you as energy – are animating your body right now, and you as energy have been learning, and growing, and having experiences – then you as energy by all rights, could be called intelligent, could you not?  So if you are energy, that is infinite, or part of the Infinite, and you as energy can learn and grow – if you are intelligent – then by all accounts, you are infinite intelligence.  Which for some, can be another name for God.

What powers must you have as a spark of the Divine experiencing itself?  Good question!  You have free will.  You have creative power.  You have choice.  You have the ability to bring things into being.  First through your thoughts, then into the physical by your actions towards or away from those thoughts.  What do I mean by that?  Well, towards your thoughts can be as simple as having a thought of how you would like some ice cream, and getting up to get some by your physical action.  Away from the thoughts, could be as simple as having a bad thought about something, or someone, and deciding that you will not think about that again and you switch to thinking or doing something else.  You could also take no action and remain neutral toward the thought.  Taking no action towards or away by remaining neutral, is still responding or taking an action however.

We all have these abilities of free will, creative power and choice, and how we use them creates how our lives are, or are not.  We have either just forgotten how to use them, or we have never been taught properly how to wield them to our advantage.

So how do you get to know “the secret you” that has these interesting and wonderful powers?  Should you get to know “the secret you” at all, or is it even necessary?  What benefits to you or others will tapping into this part of you bring?  What magical and mystical things will happen if you choose to accept this journey towards authenticity and oneness with yourself?  How will your life become better, or how will it change?  What’s in it for you?  I’m glad you asked sweet soul, I’m glad you asked.

Let’s cover first things first though, shall we?

If you can accept that you are divine, or that, at least – a part of you is.  Call it, the higher part, call it the God part, call it your spirit or your soul, call it “the secret you” or your super-identity hidden beneath the ordinary like the Clark Kent part of you hiding Superman – a rose by any other name and all that…but if you can accept on some level that this is at least a part of who you are, then understanding what you can do will be easier to understand and accept.  Now remember, in true super-hero form, some of our heroes did not readily accept who they were, or what they could do.  They were not all able to just jump in and take charge of their lives in this way.  For some it took time.  They were used to being bullied, or used to not having the greatest eyesight or strength.  They were used to keeping their awesome powers under wraps for fear that they may be studied, or locked up, or treated badly in some or many ways.  There was fear that their loved ones would leave, or be put in harm’s way if they fully accepted their super-identity and took on their abilities.  You however, my sweet soul – you have nothing like this to be worried about, yet if you are in some way still, you would not be alone.  Remember, courage is not the absence of fear; it is moving forward through the fear, to that space where your hopes and dreams reside, in spite of it.

Chapter 3 – Connecting with The Secret You

Connecting with “the secret you” will bring you many wonderful advantages and powers.  No seriously, it will!  You will be able to know things.  You will be able to sense things.  You will be able to think more clearly, make better decisions, and see your specific, right path ahead of you the more you get in touch with the secret part of you.

How will you get there?  You will be using your internal GPS, or God Programing Station (or God Positioning System if you like).  You use it through something many people do all the time, some without even thinking, some through study, and some with programs to help them.  It is so super simple, so easy; you’re not going to believe it.  What is it?  It’s called meditation.  Yeah, meditation.  Using meditation to put your internal compass in the best position possible is what you will be doing – if, that is – you’d like to tap into your super-powers.  If not, then that’s fine too, you can just read on for the information.

So look at it like this…if you do meditation, regularly, consistently, and as a regular part of your routine, you will have a new tool in your super-hero tool box to play with that gives you, or enhances your special powers or abilities.  So say right now, you don’t make the best choices and decisions.  If you figure out that this may be the truth for you, with say, something like your love life – which is something people always want to know about, have, or make better – you then decide you will go see someone who knows about “stuff like that.”  Maybe they are a counselor.  Maybe they are a match-maker.  Maybe this person is a trusted friend or advisor who has a successful relationship.  You either already have, or you create a relationship with them in regard to this problem you’d like to solve.  They get to know you, quirks and all, and give you sound advice on what to do about said love life.  You, taking this advice to heart, and taking action by following the advice – have found a wonderful person that you now share a love life with, or you and your current love grow closer.  You are so overjoyed that you not only listened to the advice, but that you used the key ingredient, you put it into action!  This person that helped you is – in your book – an expert!  Well, great love life – check!  So now you have another avenue to work on – maybe your job or career.  You could go back to the counselor, or the match-maker, or friend, but you realize that they are not suited to helping you with the job or career situation.  Now you need to find something or someone else.  You know from this past experience with your love life that going to an “expert” for the next need that you have is a good idea, that someone knowledgeable in a particular field, or fields, (because let’s face it, some people are good at many things) worked well for you.  So you, having had this great experience want a repeat of positive results and you will now model the behavior that got you those great results.  That’s common sense isn’t it?  If it works – keep doing it!  I go to a doctor for a checkup, I go to the drug store to fill a prescription, why not go to someone who has the skills or training in my other situations that I need help or advice with?  Well, do you think that maybe, just maybe – you could get great help and/or advice without ever leaving your home, flipping out a single dime, or spending more than a few minutes (because frankly, that’s all you have) a day working on your “stuff?”  Well, guess what?  You can!

What if I told you that meditation can put you in contact with an arsenal of information?  What if I told you that it would not only help you find the love of your life, but it could help you with your job, with your money situations, with whatever things you have going on that you need help with, or want to work on?  I know, I know, it sounds like a magic pill or bullet, seems like I’m spreading a bit of fairy dust around doesn’t it?  But I’m not.  It’s true.  I promise.

You need to know that spending even five solid minutes a day on mediation will help improve your life in leaps and bounds.  YES!  I said, five minutes.  Five, small, lonely little minutes.  You can fit in FIVE minutes somewhere in your day – I know you can.  But once you experience the benefits and great results, you will want to do more than that.

Meditation has been studied and proven to do “magical” things.  No, actually it has been shown to do things like: lower blood pressure; help your brain to release serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps keep you happy, and DHEA one of the most important hormones in your body, it also helps you to release endorphins another “happy” neurotransmitter, not to mention increased growth hormone, melatonin (for good sleep) and GABA (or gamma aminobutyric acid) – in other words a chemical happy dance is going on inside you when you use (or do) meditation.  New research is also showing that meditation actually changes your brain over time and can help you to become more resilient.  So things that used to bother you, won’t stop happening, but they will bother you less.  You will also be able to make better choices and decisions because with this rerouting of your neural network and pathways, you will be using a different route or part of your mind to make them, when you use (or do) your meditation on a regular basis.  What are some of the results of this practice?   By sending happy chemicals and hormones through your brain and body, you may even find that you are more relaxed during your day and that your sleep is deeper – but that you need less.  You may even start looking younger!  Studies have also shown that regular meditators do not look their age, but in some cases ten or more years younger.  Meditation will also help you to kick bad habits.  Because meditation expands your awareness, you will start to notice patterns you were not aware of before and you will see things about yourself or your life that you did not previously, things that may have been holding you back.  That last part can be a little hard to deal with at first, but with the awareness of yourself that you gain, you can make changes to those out-dated patterns if you wish.

What is the best form of meditation?  The one that you use regularly!  There are many forms and ways to meditate.  Which ones appeal to you?  The kind where you are moving around?  The kind where you sit upright and still?  The kind where you get lost in a book and forget where you are?  Yeah, that’s a type of meditation too!  Well, more accurately when that happens you are in a meditative state.

Meditation is really you, concentrating on one thing.  That is the easiest way to look at it.  So if you are reading a book and really getting into it – and you don’t seem to notice all the people around you on the bus you happen to be on, and then someone touches you and says “it’s our stop” and scares you right out of your skin – you were doing a form of meditation.  It is that focus on one thing, being absorbed in that one thing, and only that one thing – excluding everything else around you – that is essentially what meditation is.

That reminds me of this story, about a hole in the wall.  Imagine that you are at your place of work and there is a hole in the wall.  You walk past it every day, and eventually, you stop noticing it.  A new person starts to work with you, and they ask about the hole in the wall as you both walk past – and you say, “What hole?”  You are no longer focused on it because your attention is someplace else.  You stopped being concerned about the hole in the wall.  Well, that same scenario can be played out for the things that bother you now, that will eventually go away for you with meditation because you will no longer focus on them.  It can also be used to illustrate when things come up for you in meditation about yourself that you do not like or that you wish to change.  They were or are there, but you have just not chosen to look at them for a long time, and you are used to them, like the hole in the wall.  You may think they are a part of you, or that “you are just that way,” but in your meditation you may find that this is not the case.  You may remember something from your past or childhood that you were taught, or something that you were told – maybe it was how to behave, or that you had to act in a certain way to be loved or accepted.  You may realize through your meditation practice that you were “programmed” by events or circumstances that happened to you, and when things or people remind you of those events, you react like you would have back then.  It is a different situation or circumstance, but similar to the past one and you respond like you did back then, or how you wanted to back then.  You may finally see that events like the ones from your past are a trigger and now you may realize through this awareness practice that you are regressing under these types of circumstances.  The good news is that you can finally have the control to stop this silly ride and do something else once you realize that is what it is.  Once you have this knowledge, or this new awareness, you will have the power to change things like triggers or bad habits in yourself, or for yourself – if again, you so choose.  Hooray for the power of awareness to give you the power of choice!  Meditation Powers – ACTIVATE!

Many people think that the experience you have in (or during) meditation is important.  Or that the experiences that they have or don’t have make the meditation good or not so good.  They think that they are doing it wrong if they do not do it a certain way, or if they do not feel what they felt before, last time, or what they heard someone else say they have experienced.  All of that – is just plain silly!  You don’t need to clear your mind so that it is completely blank.  And frankly, that is totally unlikely to happen!  You don’t have to feel certain things in your body, or shut your thoughts off.  You don’t have to come out of it feeling any particular way.  You can feel nothing during or after and still have a great meditation.  You can be deeply in your meditation and have all kinds of thoughts going through your mind.  The thoughts and feelings that you may or may not have are purely SUBJECTIVE.  Look at it like those thoughts and feelings are the after-thought of your body or your brain really.  A good meditation, is again, the one you do on a regular basis.  That’s it.  That should be your only expectation.  That you are going to do it.  No matter what you feel, or what you do not – just know that any meditation you do, is always a good one.  If you take on the practice, know that going into it.  Don’t listen to anything else about doing it unless the material or instructor says that.  If you don’t find that somewhere – run in the other direction.

Chapter 4 – Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to begin a meditation practice.  With so many to choose from where should you begin?  How about answering a few questions for yourself to help you determine what might work best for you?

Are you an active person?
Do you like to go for walks or runs?
Do you exercise often?
Can you sit still or quietly without being disturbed?  Like 30 minutes to an hour?  Do you have the time to sit for that long daily?
Do you like listening to music that fits under the category of ambient or what would be considered to be “relaxing” types?
Would you rather be guided through your meditation by someone else, or do you think you’d like to figure it out on your own or just sit quietly?
Do you live close to nature or do you like to be surrounded by nature?
Does the sound of rain or water soothe you?

Ok, so once you’ve determined the answers to those questions ask yourself these ones:

How long do I want to sit, or am I willing to sit if I choose to do that type of meditation?
Would I rather be “doing something” while I’m working on my practice of meditation?

You can, as we touched on earlier, do what is called “active” meditation if you are not the personality type to sit still for long periods of time.  This could be something like going for a walk in a meditation garden or path, or going to a class in slow moving martial arts where the focus is body positions and stances, as you move yourself from one position to another smoothly – some yoga practices are also like this and many use yoga as a spiritual connection or practice.  If any of these active forms appeal to you – find some sort of action orientated meditation activity near you, or work on it from home.  Congratulations, you have figured out that action meditation would be the right choice for you!  Just don’t give up on the practice once you’ve started.  To be fair to all types of meditation, give it at least a six month commitment (a year would be better) and then see how you feel after that period of time has passed.

If you are the type of person who would rather sit quietly, and listen, a guided meditation, or meditation music, or structured meditation programs might be the right choice for you.  Some of these are as long as an hour, to an hour and a half, so know before you decide how much time you are willing to invest as well as how much money.

There are companies as well that offer their own programs that have what are sometimes called “frequencies” added to the meditation music or guided meditation you may be thinking about using.  Research the company beforehand if you go with this type because some may be better than others.  The frequencies, are usually buried in the music (or under sounds of rain or water) and cannot be audibly heard, but they “force” your brain to go into a meditative state you could reach naturally with practice.  Brain entrainment as it is sometimes also called; through these carrier frequencies “forces” your brain to duplicate what you are listening to and it makes your brain go to slower cycles per second which puts you into deeper levels of awareness or meditation.  These levels of awareness or basic states of consciousness from waking to sleep states are: beta (13-30 Hz), alpha (8-13 Hz), theta (4-8 Hz) and delta (up to 4 Hz).  Most entrainment takes you to the alpha level.  I am simplifying this explanation here to be brief.  If the company does not explain how the carrier frequency works and what it will be doing in their material, my suggestion would be to move on to one that does because you may be dealing with people who don’t understand what it is they are trying to get you to use.  Do your homework so you end up with a product (if you choose to use one) that you are happy with.

Some people may want to only sit quietly in nature and listen to the wind, or birds, or nearby water.  This too would be a wonderful practice to use.  You can still achieve a greater level of awareness and meditation by doing this and get their naturally.  Remember that doing your meditation naturally will have no side effects.  Some people experience things from products which would be like going to the gym for the first time in years, working out really hard – then becoming sore over the next few days because muscles were worked that had not been…understand that if you use products with frequencies like stated in the previous paragraph, something like this may happen to you.  It may be blissful while you are doing it, then you may have side effects that you did not expect because your brain and body were not used to what you made it experience.  This is also why I recommend doing your research on the company you choose.  You may never experience any side effects from a product – I just want you to be aware of the possibility.  Doing your meditation naturally will prevent you from having this type of experience, if you have it at all while using products with frequencies.  The choice is yours with what practice suites you, just know going into it what the upside and downsides may be to each form you are considering.

What is the best way to do a meditation?  There is no right or wrong way as there are many ways and methods, but my suggestion is to at first, do the kind where you sit or lie still, and while you are doing this, focus on your breathing in and out to a count that you keep track of in your head.  This gives your brain something to do, and you just worry about the breath going in and out, while you are still (and make yourself comfortable) and as you relax your body.  If the breaths are slow and steady, you will automatically relax physically.  That’s it.  You can easily do this on a count of five or six on each in-breath, then five or six on each out-breath.  Once you have a good rhythm and no longer need to use the counting, you can say to yourself, “I am relaxed.”  Or use other affirmations that you would like.  If you do this for five minutes every day, it will do much.

Why guided meditations?  Well, when you follow along with a guided meditation, this again gives your logical brain something to do.  It is also an exercise for you to work on strengthening your ability to visualize.  When you do a guided meditation you are practicing your visualizing skills.  Like anything, the more you practice it, the better you will get at it and the easier it will become.  If you don’t “see” things in your mind during this practice that is something that you can work on, but you may find that you are better at feeling, or hearing, or using your other senses and so you may enjoy doing that during the guiding of the meditation.  You can also build up those other sensing skills and incorporate them into your practice.  Like any other practice or exercise, the more you use it – the stronger the muscle will become. What does that mean?  Well, each time you practice you will be able to go deeper and deeper into your meditation, you will also be able to get deeper into the desired state faster.

What’s the best time to do your meditation?  Anytime that you can do it consistently every day.  Is that time for you, during the day?  The afternoon?  The evening?  Is it on your lunch break as you walk around the park?  Whatever time you choose, make sure you can do it consistently.  Consistency is the key.  Not how you feel.  Not how you think it worked or did not.  Committing to the practice and making it an everyday habit is what you are going for.  Length, does not matter.  Time of day does not matter.  It only matters that if you pick five minutes at your lunch at noon, that you do your five minutes at your lunch – every single day – at noon.

Same Bat time, Same Bat Channel.  What does that mean?  Well, back in the day when Batman was on TV as a series, they used to say something like that as the show was about to close.  It was something like:  “See you next week… same bat time, same bat station.”  You want to pick a place that you can do your meditation at the same time every day, where you will not be disturbed for the entire length of time you have chosen to do it.  (This applies to the sitting type I previously described not to an active form – although consistency is key with all types as you form this habit.)  It is again, about the commitment to doing the practice.  No, you don’t have to beat yourself up if you miss a day or didn’t start right on time.  But know that when the habit is formed it will be a good one that will help you achieve all the things we discussed earlier.

Tapping into “the secret you” can give you access to higher, better information and sources.  Some may call this “your higher self” or as we have talked about, the God part of your GPS, or God Programming Station.  If I tap into the part of me that is God, that divine spark within – by choosing to remain quiet as I listen – then I can receive information or answers to the questions I may have.  Or maybe, if you’re a Star Wars fan, you can view it like using the force.  The force is always with you, it is a part of you and you are a part of it.  Maybe that’s why the Jedi could feel when there was a disturbance in the force?

Chapter 5 – Your Inner Sanctum

Visualize with me that you are in a room – it is your secret lair, or inner sanctum.  It is your fortress of solitude, or your bat cave.  Now think about one or two people that you would like to have a conversation with about a problem or question you may have.  Attempt to focus only on the one question more than a litany of them.  The people you choose can be living or dead, real, or “imagined.”  I hesitate with the use of “imagine” because I would like for this to become what feels like a very real experience for you while you are doing it.  Imagination is how we “beg off” things – did I hear a noise?  No, that was just my imagination.  I like to use the word visualize instead for this reason.  It may so happen that the people you visualize (not imagine) are actual people you have just never met, you may find that at some point these people are known to someone else you come into contact with later.  A person could say to you down the line, “…that sounds like a distant relative of mine/ours/etc.”  If you want your people to be fictional characters or superheroes, you can use those also – but know that although you will be communicating with that character – you may be tapping into the mind of their creator or eventually if they are deceased, with the creator themselves.  The character may merely be a gateway.

As you visualize your room in your mind’s eye… think about what it looks like?  What is in your room?  What type of room is it?  Is it a library, or is it a lab?  Does sound echo off the walls or is it a quiet place where you can relax?  Does it have a computer, or a desk?  Is there furniture?  What does it look like?  What does it feel like?  Where are the windows or doors, or hidden panels?  What are the floors and walls made of?  Do you see any pictures or paintings?  Take your time in visualizing all you can in it.  Again, the more you practice your visualizing skills, the better and faster you will become at doing it.  Once you have decided what is there, bring in your two people – maybe one at a time, or however they seem to appear to you in this room.  Remember to be a good host and offer them something in the way of a seat or refreshments and thank and welcome them properly.

Now at first, this practice will feel odd unless you have done it before.  It will seem like something from out of your childhood with the imaginary friends you had.  Or when you named and played with your stuffed animals.  You will be putting the conversation or words in your guests mouths at first, imagining what they might say or do, and it will feel like that is what you are doing.  Eventually, if you keep this going, it will become less and less like it is you, and more and more like the people or characters themselves.  Maybe start with people you know something about.  If you want as you visualize this type of scene, you can view it like a soul-to-soul communication.  You are speaking with people (if you knew them or they were historical figures for example) on that level if they are here or have passed on.  You, as a soul, are having a conversation with these other people as souls.  It is a sort of telepathy, or internal Skype, FaceTime, or other video call you are making.  You have them “on screen” but the screen is in your mind, or your mind’s eye.  Don’t place the screen in or on your head though; view it like you would a movie screen if you were in a theater.  Just know as you do this you are talking with their essence, and the same holds true for them with you.  If you don’t like the idea of watching a screen because this seems less real, put yourself in the scene like you are the star of the show.  Establish in your mind also that this is a safe place for you and for others to be genuine, or themselves, and that all communications in this way will be only of an honest nature.  Because you establish these guidelines you will be getting real advice from them.  You don’t have to act on the advice though, if you choose not to.  Remember your life is still your own and you have that free will we talked about earlier.  You may feel their answers.  You may hear their answers in your head.  You may see things in the room as you have your conversation, or other things may take place.  As you visualize these things in your mind’s eye – as long as they are not upsetting or horrific to you in some way – act like they are real.  You will be doing all this visualizing silently most likely, and in your head, but as you see, feel, hear, possibly taste and smell all around you – make it as real as possible to yourself.  By doing this exercise you call to that soul part of you, and that soul part of your guests, to get the highest information possible.  Remember that you are calling on only the God parts when you are in your secret lair, with the secret part of you.

For some this may seem like a weird or strange thing to do, or after tried for a bit – an unusual experience.  Play with it!  Enjoy it.  Have fun with it, or be serious, or sad.  Just think of it as your place to go – to be alone, or to be one-on-one with your advisors.  You may find that you have profound mystical or spiritual experiences by doing this exercise and that you are visited by “beings” other than what you had intended.  Might they be from distant galaxies?  Or of a more biblical nature in the way of angel messengers?  I don’t know – it’s your experience to explore and enjoy!

You can also use this type of exercise to create the ideal you, or to see yourself as you’d like to be.  If you are using this space to create a new you, or a new life for yourself, pay special attention to how you feel about the changes you are trying on.  If it feels good, continue.  If it doesn’t, stop and change direction or the scene for yourself.  Remember, first you create things in your mind – then you decide by the actions that you take, what you want to bring (or manifest) into your physical reality.  It might be ice cream, or it could be a new look, or career, or home.  Know, don’t believe – but KNOW – that in this creative place, you can use your Divine Spark power to create anything for yourself, and that you have the power or control over what happens.  Like what you are doing?  Keep coming back to that space for yourself.  Don’t like it or the way it feels once you’ve tried it on? – make a new choice or decision.

See, we used to do this all the time when we were children.  We’d play like this with different roles, or different ideas, or go back in our minds to the places we had good times, memories, or experiences – and we’d just sort of forget about the other things.  The rest used to go away in a puff of smoke for us.  We’d wave it away like a little king or queen on a throne – “No, I don’t want that – take it away!”  We were trained though, through our lives and our experiences to “remember” all the “stuff” that took place.  Or we may not even be totally aware that all the “stuff” that we are “remembering” isn’t really from, or about us – it is what we were trained, told, or programmed to do.  Sometimes everything going on around us, in us, or through us, is that “stuff” that was put there by others.  But we have the power, to change all that.  When we grow our awareness in our inner sanctum, or lair – in our little greenhouse of dreams – and we put our thoughts and our focus there instead of all the other places that we don’t really like or appreciate to begin with, we can totally transform ourselves and our lives.  We become Spiderman, swinging through the city…We become Superman, flying high in the air, seeing through things with x-ray vision…We become Aquaman, able to breath under water or communicate with marine life…We become a force of good, the one we hoped to be, and imagined we’d be when we were young.  We realize that our dreams are really what we wanted to do and where we want to be now.  We gain back our courage and strength, we learn who we are and see ourselves for the first time, maybe in a long time – in a way that makes us proud.  We see ourselves and we like what we see.  We start to see how we could be “better, stronger, faster” and we didn’t even have to be in an accident and have the government put us back together for “six-million-dollars.”  All we had to do is a daily practice of meditation, and have a little fun while doing it by using our creative intelligence, and our visualization skills to help us work through or decide what to do next.  It’s good to be super, isn’t it?

Chapter 6  – Your Secret Powers & Weapons

So once you’ve got the hang of getting to know “the secret you” and you’ve had some fun playing around in your inner sanctum – you’d probably like to check out more of what you can do.  Do you have any special powers now?  Do you have or do you need any weapons?  Where are they?  What do they do?  How do you use them and when?  All good questions.

Just as Wonder Woman had an invisible jet, a lasso of truth, indestructible bracelets, and her tiara – so you may have things to protect you and help you navigate this world you have decided to join.

You will discover after your practices of meditation and playing in your inner sanctum that parts of your life will take shape in a new way.  That you, using your creative powers are able to “make things happen” and you will see evidence of that, however small or large, as your awareness expands and as you learn through that expansion, to pay closer attention to the signs and signals you are being shown.  You may also find that you are more aware, in general.  That your thoughts become more clear.  That your mind works faster.  You may even find that solutions come to you easier than before.  This is part of that remapping that we talked about earlier in regard to your neural network.  You may see outcomes more clearly than you did before.  Slowly you will start to notice that things come to you from a higher prospective, maybe you will think things like: “How did I know that?”  Let’s say that you are in a situation at work, and you notice patterns that you did not before.  This may help you to make decisions, or maybe you see someone else’s patterns of behavior and realize that they are not helping your company.  This may become one of your secret powers – one of seeing the full picture where others do not, or where they have not.  This may be a sort of – “I’ve been down this road before, and I know where it leads,” situation.  Only, you haven’t been down the road, you can just “know” or “see” what is going to happen.  Or maybe you just have a “gut feeling” about things.

You could discover that your powers are of feeling and sensing nature more than a knowing, or seeing.  Maybe you realize now that you had these experiences before but you did not understand what they were trying to tell you at the time.  You may remember that you used to feel things, but you learned to ignore those feelings or that you shut them off because they made you uncomfortable.  It could even be that you shut them down or off because others in your life did not understand you and what was happening.  Maybe others made you feel different, or strange, or self-conscious.  Now you may find that when the hair stands up on the back of your neck or you get those goose-pimples, it is a warning about a person or situation – and you realize this is helpful for you in life and in your relationships with others.  You won’t put yourself in harm’s way, or let others put themselves in bad situations because you have now learned to pay attention to and heed these warnings.

Could your new powers be of a knowing or understanding?  Are you able to detect what is true?  Do you just have a sense of joy and blissfulness when thinking of something or someone in particular?  Are you sensing what your true path really is by these knowings?  Or maybe you just know the right thing to do or say in a situation.  When a friend comes to you with a problem, you just know how they really feel and you understand what is going on with them even if they remain vague or unclear to other people.  Maybe they don’t even have to say anything at all but through your awareness you have an understanding of them and what is going on.  Maybe you are sharing a sort of telepathy with them or you just have a really good insight into things.

Are you a healer?  Have you realized that your presence around others has a healing effect?  That you are a good listener, or that they are soothed by your touch or your calmness?  Do you radiate goodness, or light, or love?  Do others find they are drawn to you and your magnetism?  Have you realized that through your practice of meditation that this is growing stronger?  You will find as you go forward with this practice that people will be drawn to you.

You will see this regardless of what “powers” you may uncover.  The more you are in tune and in touch with “the secret you,” you will see that people will be drawn to you and the light that you radiate.  And you will radiate light.  Not in the glow-in-the-dark kind of way.  Unless you have suddenly become radioactive – Warning! -stay away from that mad scientist or that unsafe radioactive spill!  But seriously, your light, the inner light that is who you truly are will emanate from you and others will be drawn to you seeking the same type of light, or wanting to hone their own light and skills.  They may not even be consciously aware that this is why they are drawn to you – but it will be the case.  We are always drawn to people that are either – like we are; or that are like who, or what, or even how, we would like to become.  It is good to know this and keep it in mind as you progress in your superhero practices.

Have you ever heard someone say that a person was or has: “come into their power?”  That is usually said when people realize themselves and their dreams.  It is when they have “made it” or when they are doing what they love.  It can be a way to describe success.  It can also be when they assert themselves, or when they “take back their power.”  For you, “coming into your power” will mean some or all of the following: realizing that you are super, finding out what your special skills or powers are, realizing that these are tied in with doing what you love and what motivates you, the ability to pursue those things because you now have the knowledge internally that you can.  Remember: free will, creative power, and choice.  You have the free will to get to know and understand yourself, to use your creative power and then you have choice, or choices to make your life and the lives around yours – better.  You have the ability to use your “phenomenal cosmic power” while being in “an itty-bitty living space” of your body and this experience.

We also need to talk about weapons, all superheroes have them.  And no, they are not “of mass destruction” – no WMD’s here my dear superhero in training.  You will need, with your newfound powers – a way to defend yourself.  There are others in the world that may not have the intentions that you do.  That see you shining your light and who would rather that it not be so bright.  Others that may be few, but who may mean you harm and those around you harm.  Those who are jealous of the beautiful things you do, and of the light you give off.  Those ones, you will need protection from.  You will need to be watchful of them too, these are the ones who will pull out all the stops to see you fail.  They will sabotage you in any way they can to gain what you have accomplished, or to ruin your efforts and drag you back to where they are comfortable seeing you, which is usually on the same level as themselves or beneath them.  These misguided ones will stick out their legs to trip you and try to look innocent as you fall.  You know what I mean, they will come to your aid and say: “Oh my gosh!  What happened?  Are you ok?” Because others are looking on.  They’re always friendly when there’s an audience, aren’t they?  You will need weapons to defend yourself against the ones like these.  They may be your friends or even your family at times too.  Be aware that this can, and may take place.

Why?  Why does this happen?  Well, when others see you moving forward, it may make them questions their efforts, or lack thereof.  If you try and fail – they can say: “I told you so.”  If you try and succeed, and if you are happy too – they have to look at their efforts and beliefs, and possibly make a change.  Many will not be ready to do this.  Some, through jealousy will want what you have simply because you have it.  They will not want to do the work required though, so they will sabotage your works and effort, or try to steal it away, take credit for it, or the like.  When you are aware that these things can happen, and you protect yourself by being “armed with the information” you may struggle, but you will eventually win as you grapple with your nemesis.  We would not know light if there was no darkness.

Your first weapon should always be truth.  Remain truthful and you cannot fail.  Honesty rises to the top like cream – others may try to keep it swirling about, but eventually the truth always comes out.  It is when we are not truthful that we hurt ourselves and others.  Always remember too, that hiding things, or “just not saying something” is still a form of lying.  Sometimes being honest is difficult, but if you hope to be a hero for yourself or others – super or otherwise – this is your best weapon.  Honesty will also keep you in balance and on track with your goals.  Do you *really* want to keep working away at that dead end job?  Do you *really* love that person, or are you just using them.  Keep yourself in check by being honest with yourself, as well as others.

Have Integrity.  Integrity is defined by Merriam-Webster as:

: The quality of being honest and fair

: The state of being complete or whole

Full definitions are:

  1. A firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values: incorruptibility.
  2. An unimpaired condition: soundness.
  3. The quality or state of being complete or undivided: completeness.

Synonyms: honesty, character, decency, goodness, morality, probity, rectitude, righteousness, rightness, uprightness, virtue, virtuousness.


  • demonstrated that he was a man of integrity by taking full responsibility for his actions
  • her integrity is such that she tells the truth even when people least want to hear it
  • a politician of great honesty and integrity.

There has not been one hero that has not had in their heroic moment, or during their acts of heroism, integrity.  By their virtue, their goodness, their strength in character – in action, in deed – they emulate those qualities that make them our heroes.  We as secret heroes, or superheroes need to have that “firm adherence to a moral code.”  We want to always have, and to be full of, integrity.  One more thought on integrity – it has a level of predictability to it.  If you know that a person is honest, or follows the rules, there is a level of expectation, of predictability, that they will continue to do so.  That predictability of character of a person, or super hero, is what earns trust.   Again, whether people realize and acknowledge that immediately or not, we trust what we know.  Integrity gives a solid foundation on which to trust because we “know” that a person can be counted on to do what’s right.  We trust what we can predict to a certain extent.  We trust a pattern that is reliable, and so we trust people who show us that they are, or can be, reliable (full of integrity) too.

Be loyal.  No one can be their best superhero self if they are not loyal to their cause or to their friends and family.  This is part of superhero code 101.  How many times did Superman come to the aid of his friends?  How often was he saving Lois Lane?  Was there a time when Martha Kent was rejected by him because he was too busy doing other things?  Heck no!  Did he say: “Whatever, I’m on a coffee break right now,” when there was a story to be written while he was busy at his job at the Daily Planet?  I think we’d all like to believe that his mentality was that of “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well,” and that he was busy working hard for his causes, friends, family and even at his day job.  We know that Superman always kept his word and his promises unless something huge prevented him from doing so, and that something was usually cooked up by Lex Luther to make him seem less reliable, or less full of the integrity that we discussed earlier.  Superman was definitely loyal.

Be honorable.  Honor is defined by having a good quality of character, or having high moral standards of behavior.  So be honorable, loyal and true.  What hero isn’t these things, or striving to remain being these things?  Or questioning if he or she is these things?  What hero isn’t living by a code, written or internal, that includes honor or being honorable?  What person doesn’t admire these qualities or look for them in others?  Being honorable again, leads to being able to be trusted.  Superhero work is just that, work, and it is the practice of this inner work that will affect the outer reflection of who we are, and how brilliantly and brightly we shine.  Remember the Green Lantern Corps code: “In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!”  That’s one heck of mission statement, and honor code.  Could we all do that and maintain the high standard?  What would the world be like if we did?  Imagine!

Other protection – surround yourself through your visualization skills with: armor, white light, or a Glenda the Good Witch bubble before you interact with other people on a daily basis.  Use the Force!  And may the force be with you.  Whichever one of these works for you.  Do this as a daily practice in the morning: when you get up, when you brush your teeth, or as you make or have your morning coffee or beverage.  This way as you become stronger in yourself as a superhero, but more aware of the things and people around you, the “angry darts” that are hurled at you by others may hurt your armor and be felt, but they do not immediately hurt or wound you directly.  Even if you don’t know the darts are being sent your way – you have this protection.  The more you use this practice, the stronger your armor will become.  You could even see it as a wall, or you in your castle with guards and armies if you’d like.  Be as elaborate or basic as you want, do what works for you.  As we discussed earlier, things will still happen to you in your life – you will just notice them less or they will bother you less than they had before.  Sort of like when a bug hits your windshield, you don’t stop driving – you use the wipers to clean it off… but if you had no windshield, you might be less inclined to keep driving if bugs were in your teeth, smacking you in the face, or if one got up your nose.  View this practice in this way – it is your protective windshield from minor elements that might otherwise cause you to stop on your journey forward.  You do not have to be in meditation to use any of the previous examples.

Prayer.  You can always use prayer.  Call on whatever or whomever you feel a connection to.  Say prayers that come to you in the moment, or use ones you have been taught.  Prayer works, and that has been proven in studies too.

Be kind.  Be as kind as you can to other people in all situations and at all times.  This too, may be difficult to put into practice but that kindness will be returned to you in full measure with some extra whipped in.  This is a practice like all others that you will become better and better at with time.

Never be afraid to ask for help, which leads us to our next chapter…

Chapter 7 – Hooking Up with Your Super Friends

We have covered a lot of information, but don’t superheroes usually have at least one friend?  A side kick, or companion?  Don’t they usually have someone?  Where’s your help when you need it even if you’re Super?!

Well, let’s talk about guides and teachers.  Again, for some depending on how they have been raised or trained – these may be saints, or angels, or even loved ones.  They may be ascended masters, or healers, or some other great figure.  Is it the Buddha, or Jesus?  Mary, or Arch-Angel Michael?  Grandma or your BFF who passed?  It will depend on your background and belief systems.  It might be someone, or it could even be a group of people, who have made a large impact on society in the way of its elevation, if your religious practice involves that.  Or it may be people who have made an impact specifically on you.  Maybe you will have no idea who these mentors are.  These people could also be “ordinary” but have great advice due to their experience.  For now, let’s just stick with guides and teachers to mean any one of these things.  These people are your Obi-Wan Kenobi, your Uncle Ben, your Jor-El, and they are your Super Friends.

So why would I need guides or teachers?  If I am super, and if I carry the Divine Spark why do I need anyone?  Why have Super Friends in the first place?  Well, at times, even Superman has needed to learn, to have someone to confide in, or to go to for knowledge.  He had the love and support of his adoptive parents Jonathan and Martha Kent, but information about the known universe came from his father Jor-El.  Obi-Wan was full of wisdom for Luke during his training, and so was Uncle Ben while he was alive and with Peter Parker, but even after his death, the words and memories were often reflected upon by Peter.  Many times we have people in our lives that inspire us to be better than we are now, or that show us things about life.  Through these helpers and mentors we can learn about ourselves, and see things that we did not know were there.  Those things can be about life, or what is in us.  There are just times when we only see what we want to see.  There are times when we think we know so much, and we really have so much more to learn.  Where we have knowledge, but we don’t have wisdom.  Wisdom comes with experience – new superheroes probably don’t have very much of that experience – yet.  This is where their other friends or mentors come in.  They are there to help the new ones navigate the territory.  To guide them.  Why Super Friends?  Well, if you’re Super – wouldn’t your friends be too?

Now, it isn’t ego that drives us or our heroes to be so full of themselves that they don’t want or seek help from their Super Friends (well, most of the time) – it is overconfidence in their (or our) new found abilities.  First, we may doubt – can I really move that object with my mind?  Can I really fly?  Can I really give that speech or talk to an audience that large?  Then as we grow, and become comfortable with what we know, and what we can do, we think – I’m great at this!  Look at me!  I’m doing it!  The excitement of doing what we are doing, and of being happy doing it, of coming into our own power(s) and sharing our joy with others is not ego, it’s the excitement of the newness, it’s the excitement of realizing you CAN, as you DO!  It is you saying: “Look mom, I’m doing it!” as you ride your bike without the training wheels for the first time.  First you are unsure and want help, “Don’t let go!” you say.  Then you absolutely don’t want the help because “You’ve got this.”  The only thing that is missing during this excitement is the wisdom to know whether or not we SHOULD.  It’s the timing.  Is now a good time?  How about now?  It is the super hero who looks for every stranded cat in a tree to help, when there is a perfectly good fire department for that.  Are you helping every little old lady across the street regardless of whether or not she wants to be helped?  If she’s smacking you with her purse because: “she can do it herself!” then you’re wasting your power and efforts aren’t you?  Your Super Friends can help you with these things too.

This newness, joy, and excitement is the equivalent of being a kid, and waiting for your birthday party to start so you can open your presents.  It is that overwhelming sense of joy and excitement that takes over when you are waiting for Christmas day so you can open your presents – many of which you have seen waiting for you under the tree for a while.  I wonder if that’s the new bike?  I wonder if that’s the guitar I wanted?  I wonder if that’s the: GI Joe, car, racing set, etc.?  Why do I keep talking about presents?  Because your super-abilities are considered by many to be gifts!  Much like if you have great knowledge at a young age and pick up things quickly, you could be considered to be “gifted.”  Well, you ARE gifted!  You are gifted with these super-abilities.  Some of which may be like ones others have, many of which will be unique to you and you alone.  We all have our own special abilities, and when we discover them and cherish them, and use them – when we are in our “zone.”  Life *is* more exciting.  So you as a newly initiated superhero are busy thinking…Can I open them NOW?!  I have these great gifts and I want to USE them!  Here’s an even better example, I was raised in the cold part of the Midwest – my birthday is in winter – I got a brand new bike one year for my birthday…but had to wait until it was “nice out,” to use it, meaning, no snow on the ground.  That was months away.  MONTHS AWAY!  It’s like that.  “YES!  Woo Hoo, I have this great gift!  Aww, I have to WAIT to use it?”  ~Pouty Sad Face~  (Know also, that even as I state that these are gifts – they are as natural and normal to us all as taking a breath.  The difference is, that breathing is automatic and honing your superhero skills and powers (or gifts) is not.)

Our Super Friends who are full of wisdom say to us, take the time to LEARN, to GROW, to KNOW before you rush in, or before you are overtaken by your emotions about these things.  Our friends, super or otherwise, know us in a way that strangers do not.  They are patient with us when others may become frustrated and walk away.  They are there to help us when we need it, or just to be there as support.  These teachers of wisdom have usually had their own experiences with the very same struggles and they wish for us to “not have to go through it too.”  If only we would be patient.  If only we would listen.  If only we would take the time to learn more self-control, or self-mastery.  Because they ask this of us, it is sort of a parental energy they give off, yet not.  Some of our Super Friends may indeed feel like parents or authority figures, but they are not those things to us exactly.  They are in those cases attracted to us because of what it is we are reaching for ourselves – we energetically sort of “phone a friend” when we aspire to be more.  How do I go to a place I’ve never been if I don’t know how?  This is where they come in.  These ones that seem or feel like authority figures are there to help us because they have already had their own wisdom experiences.  Wisdom says, take your time, enjoy the process, enjoy the journey, and examine what you are doing to see how far you’ve come.  Don’t worry so much about getting to the finish line, enjoy running the race.

Many of our Super Friends (guides/teachers) may have had much in the way of experience in a particular field or level of interest that we have had, or do have, and they are all too ready to help us figure things out.  The key is – because they are wise – we actually have to ask for their help.  They usually know enough from all their experience to not give advice or help that is unsolicited.  Again, this is where going to your inner sanctum is key.  When you go there in the exercise that we discussed earlier, with the intent to learn more about a problem, a situation, or about yourself, with the help from your Super Friends – you will find that they will be there ever-at-the-ready to assist you.  All you need do, is ask.

What situation do you need assistance with?  Like we also discussed earlier, you’d go to the doctor for a check-up, you’d see the pharmacist for a prescription – you need to pick the right person for the job you need help with.  Got a broken pipe?  Call a plumber.  Use that same mentality when going for help and advice.  If you don’t know what expert to pick for the situation – just say what the issue is and ask that the most qualified professional come to help you in your inner sanctum.  You don’t have to know them, or to have worked with them before – just ask for your “expert.”

Chapter 8 – The Hall of Justice

When I was growing up there was a cartoon called “Super Friends” it was one of my favorites.  Can you tell?  Anyway, the Super Friends met frequently in, wait for it, “The Hall of Justice.”  The villains had their own group too, called the Legion of Doom, but we’re not worried about them right now.

So since you’ve been with me this far, let’s talk about my version of “The Hall of Justice.”  I’d like you to picture in your mind a place where all the heroes or superheroes can get together to solve the problems in the world, stop crime, and hang out with each other to do whatever good they feel the need to do.  Maybe they just need to sit around and talk.  This is like meeting them in your inner sanctum, but taking it a bit further, to a whole separate building.  You can use the one Elvis left if you so desire, but he’ll still have a Blue Christmas.  `Wink` OK, OK, I’ll stop with my silly humor.  This is a whole different place all together, one that is “far, far, away” you could say that it is even “in a distant galaxy” if you’d like, or another dimension.  Another way to view this is like going to work.  Your inner sanctum is at your home and your friends come to you there.  The Hall of Justice is like going to work – your friends are there too, but it’s probably going to be a little less casual and home-y there.

I want you to visualize that you are in this Hall of Justice with a bunch of your Super Friends.  They can be anyone you want.  Pick whomever feels right to you, and as many of them as you would like.  Maybe start with your heroes from childhood.  Did you like the Hulk?  Were you into Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table?  Robin Hood?  They don’t have to be the ones from the cartoons or comic books if you don’t want them to be.  Would you like to hang out with Mahatma Gandhi?  Mother Theresa?  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?  Abraham Lincoln?  Martin Luther King, Jr.?  Just see yourself with this crew of yours.  You can look at it like your mastermind group – who would you pick to be on your ideal team?  Who would you want to get to know?  Who would you like to hang out with?  What powers or abilities are you interested in?  The powers and abilities part is probably going to be a key element at first because as we have discussed, you are generally drawn to others you want to be like, or ones you are already like.  What skills do each of these heroes have that you believe can help you grow and learn?  What skills are you looking to hone?  Do you want to gain strength?  Courage?  Patience?  Who do you relate to or admire?  Superman?  Wonder Woman?  Green Lantern?  Batman & Robin?  Aquaman?  The Flash?  Just take the time to figure out who you’d like to hang out with in your Hall of Justice for now…

Chapter 9 – Your Brilliant Idea in the Conference Room

Now that you have formed your group of Super Friends, and you know who they are and why you’ve chosen them.  We’re going to take a quick journey back to your past…way, way back.  Back to the place you were before you were born.  This is where The Hall of Justice comes in.  I want you to visualize that this is where you were hanging out before you came here.  Your Hall of Justice can look like the one from the cartoons, or it can look however you’d like it to look, but make sure that in some part of it, you have a meeting or conference room.  The conference room or meeting area is where all your Super Friends are going to gather with you now.  The scene starts off like this…

You’ve decided to call a meeting and you’ve gathered your Super Friends together in the Hall of Justice.  Everyone gathers in the conference room and there is a large table that you all sit down at.  There might be some refreshments for everyone, that’s all up to you and how you’d like to visualize it.

Once your friends are all gathered, they ask you why you have assembled them here today.  You proceed to tell them about a brilliant idea that you had.  This brilliant idea is about experience.  “What do you mean Super?”  That’s what they call you for short.  You proceed to tell them that you love being in the Hall of Justice and helping people in this realm (some may call it Heaven, others Nirvana, some home, others the spirit side of life, any and all names would be correct) but that you’d like to go somewhere else and have “EXPERIENCE.”  Your friends listen intently as you explain that you’d like to: eat ice cream, have cake, go to parties, learn in schools, that you’d like to ride a bike, and that you’d like to fall in love.  You want to know what it feels like to have your heart broken and then to find love again.  You want to paint, and run, and sleep, and fly coach.  You want to know what it’s like to be hurt and give others forgiveness, and you deeply want to know what it is to also be forgiven.  You want to have a job, swim in the oceans and lakes, or maybe try surfing.  You think that your abilities will be good for the physical world and those people in it, and you have so many things you’d also like to contribute.  You’d like to build things with your hands (instead of your mind), and pray and play, and on and on.  Good or bad are not labels being used in the conversation, you have just decided that you want experience and lots and lots of it!  As the conversation continues, you get more and more lively and animated.  So much so that by the end of all your ramblings, you are on top of the conference table, jumping up and down yelling: “EXPERIENCE!  EXPERIENCE!”  Over and over again with joy and reckless abandon.

Your wonderful Super Friends are speechless.  And why wouldn’t they be, they have never seen you like this!  There is a long, drawn out silence.  Then the others, huddle together to chat about what just took place.  After a while, they elect someone to step forward and address all you have proposed.  In a very diplomatic way this person starts off like this:

Super, are you sure?  Are you sure you want to have ALL these experiences?  Are you sure that you don’t want to tone it down, a notch, or two, or three, or ten?  Because remember now, even though we are 100% BEHIND YOU, we can only do so much for you from this side of life.  And remember, when you get to the other side of this existence, to the physical side to have your experiences, many will tell you that we don’t exist.  That we are not real.  Or that it is just your imagination.  That is, if you indeed remember us at all.  The journey is a hard one and it takes a lot out of you, it takes a lot out of anyone even with all our super powers.  And IF, you DON’T remember us – we can only impress so much on you.  You might feel our presence and get frightened.  If we visit you in dreams, you may awake saying to yourself, “it was only a dream.”  Or still others may say the same to you if you tell them about our visits to you in this way.

Also, you will possibly forget – that you are indeed super.  Again, if you even remember that you are.  You may forget that you have all these special gifts and talents, and many, will balk at you and say you do not have these talents and abilities regardless.  Others will say things like: “who do you think you are” and they may insist that “you can’t do things like that,” as they try to keep you from your desired experiences.  You may also find that you will keep yourself from your desired outcomes and experiences by your own sabotage or by listening to these people who are themselves deaf and blind to this, our reality.

You will be among others who are super who have forgotten who they truly are and who want you to forget too.  And still others who have been trained right out of their birthright.  You will be among many who believe, that they are ordinary.  Belief by which they live, forget, and come back home again, only to then remember once here what they were there for and what they wanted to do.  You know this is true as you have seen it for yourself.  When our other super brothers and sisters come home who had forgotten who they really are, and what purpose they hoped to fulfill, but didn’t, you have seen in them their great and overwhelming disappointment.  When they realize all their missed opportunities.  When they remember just how much they wanted to do, or to help, or to experience.

Don’t forget also that you will not remember this, as your home.  That you will think only of that physical place as your home and you will come know it as the only one that you’ve ever had.  You may be lucky enough to have glimpses through other’s eyes, or your own, of what it is, or was, or will be like to be here again – but they will seem like passing dreams.  It will feel like sand slipping through your fingers, and the harder you try to hold on to it – the faster it will seem to slip away.

People there will also tell you over-and-over that it is: just a dream, or that you are crazy, or that it isn’t real or doesn’t matter anyway.  You may very much feel a sense of something lacking, but you may never quite put it to words.  It may feel like a gnawing at you, that things are not quite “as good” as you feel that they should be.  But what you won’t remember, is why?  It will escape you that it is because here, all your needs are fulfilled, that you are full-up with life-force, and energy, and love, and there is never any lacking.  That here you are strong in the energy that there, is called God.

There, you will still have your powers but you will forget that you do.  It will be like they are only in trickle form unless you unleash and discover them within yourself – and you may never remember how to do that.  Others will tell you that you are ordinary – and you will believe them!  It will be as if your life source is cut off, not enough to destroy or kill you, not enough to make you completely different, just enough to make you FEEL like you are indeed ordinary like everyone will want you to believe.  Your mind may be strong enough to endure through this, but it will hurt your spirit a bit, especially if you are not tuned-in to us and the energy here.  It will be like this place is not real, it will be like your memories have been wiped clean.

We can only do so much for you on this side, to help lift you up, to help direct you where you say now that you want to go.  You will still be able, through your free will, to make decisions and choices of your own, and to change your mind or the direction in the type of experience you are having or that you’d like to have.  You will still be super and be able to create in that way, but you may not know or remember why, or how, you are doing this.  You may do it automatically.  Or you may do it easily.  Or you may be on auto pilot yet not going in the direction you had intended because you are doing it all unconsciously.  You may forget how to stop from moving in that direction or how to change to a better course.  So many are so unfortunately unconscious in the physical in this way, they just don’t remember how to direct their energy to help themselves.

Are you sure?  Are you sure you want to have ALL these experiences?  To be born and to have all your super-ness contained in such a small vessel?  Are you sure that you want to go to the physical place where others don’t know they are super, where most are blind and don’t see?  Where they are not filled with love and hope as we are because they choose to ignore, or they have forgotten their original home and source?  Are you sure that you want to starve your spirit to enter into the physical realm?  Are you absolutely sure?”

Even with all these warnings and more, you, “Super,” decided to move forward with your physical experience.  You still jumped up and down and shouted: “EXPERIENCE!”  With your still unwavering reckless abandon.  You were sure you were up to the challenge.

Chapter 10 – Experience!

What is experience like?  Well, since we’re all having them right now they are varied and interesting I’m sure.  But in comparison to spirit or the previous spiritual experience like you had while being in your full-on Super power? Well let’s explore that…

Your excitement for and interest in “experience with reckless abandon” was due to your view of it.  Because you in the other realm of spirit were full-on Super.  I’d liken it to being Superman with full power of sunlight.  Heat vision, check.  Super strength and speed, check.  X-ray vision, check.  Ability to fly, check.  Deflecting bullets, check.  You had it all.  You wanted for nothing.  You felt love and gave love, you harbored no ill will toward others.  You were not jealous.  You had no bad intentions. All was good and so were you.

If love were a substance and you were a sponge, you soaked it up and it filled you to overflowing.  You were marinated in love, and you were juicy.  This was the experience you had as spirit in the spirit or spiritual world.  You were fulfilled.  It was a good feeling.  The thing is, that you wanted to know what it was like to be the one giving that feeling to others instead of always just being filled.  You wanted to be the love, instead of the sponge.  You wanted to know what that was like.  The hard part is that you didn’t realize what you’d be giving up because you had not been without it before.  So if you had all your powers and could leap tall buildings in a single bound in spirit, and then decided that you would do the same here in the physical, but your powers were mainly or mostly taken away, or you forgot completely that you had them – that leap just became a little more difficult now didn’t it?  It is like saying I’m going to be the best painter ever – and you don’t have a canvas and paint.  You had the paint and canvas when you made the choice to do that, but now, you don’t.  You have to find the paint and canvas, but there are no stores.  You have to figure out from scratch how to make those things because those supplies aren’t readily available to you anymore.  So it’s like being Superman, but one that’s around Kryptonite.  Not enough to kill you, not enough or the kind to change who Superman really is – just enough to make you “ordinary.”  Inside you know that there’s more than this.  Inside you know you are capable of more.  Inside you are saying to yourself – why do I feel like this?  Or why is this happening?  Or, is this all there is?  But inside you know it is not.  That is the gnawing feeling in you to keep moving toward what will make you happy.  That is the part of you that says: “pursue your happiness” and you think, then I will finally be fulfilled.  There is a big part of you that remembers what it was like to have it all, and that is the part that searches for that something that is missing.  That is also the part that tries to lead you to the things that you are here to experience and accomplish.

You know, you feel, you understand that something is missing – and you search, and you explore, and you try – to find it…maybe if I just get this job…maybe if I just work out more… maybe if I had someone to share my life with… maybe if I just do this – fill in your blank here…  We seek often times without finding, because we don’t realize we have to look within.  We have to look for the greater parts of ourselves, for the super parts, for the God parts, and remember that we are here because we wanted to be Super in the physical.  In other words, we wanted to be like God.  We wanted to give life, and love, and happiness, instead of always receiving it.  We wanted to know the one thing, that in spirit we could not know without experience – and that is – what it is to be like God.  Giving, Loving, Creating, Expanding…and so much more.  This is part of our purpose and why we are here, to cultivate that God part, or that Super part of ourselves.  Again, if I have the “divine spark within” than I am, or at least a part of me is, God.  That’s how I go on outside of this physical life.  That’s why I go to a place like or called Heaven.  That’s how life continues.  Energy, not created or destroyed – just changing form – and we are all energy.  So from Super, to physical animated by Super, and back to Super again.

You are Super in this way.  You have a purpose, a goal.  It is for you, it is for the other lives yours touches.  You may do many things, you may do one.  All that is up to you.  You decided to “shine your light” here to be uplifting to others, so that they too would “come into their own power” by seeing that, yes! – someone else can do it – so why can’t I?  You decided in that decision to have your “experience” that you would no longer be a cup that gets filled, but that you would be the source that fills the cup.  You no longer wanted to be filled by the light, you wanted to be the light that fulfills.  And so here you are.  High five to you my Super-Friend, high five to you, for having the courage to take this spiritual journey into the physical.  May the force be with you as you continue on, with love, inspiration, and lots of quests and superhero shenanigans.  Be the force for good you had intended, and remember to be Super.

With Love from Above,
Kim Orlowski, Author – Secretly Super…Your True Story

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