The Worry Monster

Did you ever think about the thoughts that come out of your head?

Where do they go?  What do they do?  I wonder, I wonder… I hope you do too.

Did you know that you’re creating with speed and with ease right on the spot, some things that are good and some that are not?  Like that happy-go-lucky tune in your head, or that big scary monster in your closet, or under your bed…

Your thoughts make you happy or blue, your thoughts can do that – and create things too.  They are things that travel on up through the air, or someplace like that – you know they go somewhere.

What do they create?  What do they do? I wonder this sometimes… I hope you do too.

If I imagine and try, it is not so hard you see? You can imagine these things right along with me.  I can see in my mind a creature so real, big and sharp and hard – made of steel!  I could make it a her or a him – a he or a she.  I can even imagine it’s a car with a personality!

If I try really hard with all of my might, I can make up something funny, or rare, or to give me a fright.

I can even make up a monster in my own mind, one that grows bigger and bigger as I think and I fret and its powers grow stronger – to much my regret – with each terrible thought I think.  It gains such strength the worse thoughts I think.  Great giant monster over ten-feet-tall, growing and growing from my thoughts oh so small.  The more that I worry, the more that I fret, the bigger and bigger this giant beast will get…

It grows bigger and bigger and frightens me so, and stronger and stronger and fills me with woe… How do I stop it?  It seems to have broken free – this beast I created from thoughts so scary.  It now has a life of its own, out of my control, feeding on worry, fret and woe…

It no longer needs just my tiny thoughts, it grabs and takes all that it finds, floating about through space and through time.  Hunting down and looking for these thoughts as they abound, the ones that are of worry, not glee, the ones that make us all very, very, unhappy.

How can we stop it?  What can we do?  I wonder, I wonder… I hope you do too.

These thoughts that float through the air, through time and through space that are traveling to someone, somewhere, or someplace, they may be feeding the monster of worry or making one new!  How can we stop it?  What can we do?

We’ve created this monster so big and so tall, by our worry and woe and our thoughts oh so small.  We can fix this if we try with more effort than ease, by changing our bad thoughts to ones that will please.  We’ve been thinking and worrying about things for so long, that we’ve made this big monster so big and so strong.  We’ve forgotten we have the power and had it all along!

If we focus right now, with all of our might – we can give this worry monster the bigger fright.  We can see him shrink as our thoughts take flight – to the things that are fun, not of worry and fright.  We can watch him go from ten-feet-tall, to something more teeny, tiny and small.  All we have to do is concentrate and see – by making our thoughts go to things that are happy.

Right now where you sit, concentrate and try – think of ice cream, and bubbles, and summer fireflies – happy birthdays and that race that you’ve won!  Keep it up!  Don’t stop, and make sure you don’t quit!  Focus!  Focus!  You’re almost there!  That’s it!

See what you can do with the power of your mind?  See what amazing things are your thoughts of this kind?

The more you work on it, the better you’ll be, making the worry monster go away – and yourself happy!

Where do your thoughts go?  What do they do?  I wonder, I wonder… I hope you do too.

Direct them carefully those thoughts in the air, for they have the power to create things to make you happy or blue.  They have real power and that power comes from you!

Copyright © 2010 Kim Orlowski. All Rights Reserved.