The Nayslayers

Roaming the hallowed halls of your mind, there are acrobat ninja warriors of a special kind.

Some are invisible, some are short, they come in shapes and sizes of every sort.

Did you see that one with the pink tutu?  Or the one all in black calling coo coo?

Look there’s one with a samurai sword!  I wonder what she does when she gets bored? 

What are they doing wandering about?  Who put them there and how do they get out?  What is their job?  Why are they there?  I bet you’d like to know, so I’m going to share…

Well, they wander around with great care and ease, looking to defend you from a frightening disease.

They travel down the hallowed halls of your mind, ever at the ready to defend you from woe – the kind you won’t see, the kind you may not know.

They were put there by a force much greater than we, it’s very unusual, it’s one we don’t see.

They are activated in a special way, they come out when they’re needed, sometimes every day.

Their job is so simple, yet important, it’s true.  They are doing it all the time.  They are defending you!

They are there in the hallowed halls of your mind, helping you defeat a foe so unkind.

Have you heard of this foe?  No, probably not.  They are a secret and insidious lot.

This group they are called by a special name, they are the Nayers, and this is their game…

They like to say nay to all that is good, to your dreams and your wishes and all that you would.

This group is so careful as secret as can be.  They are hiding behind the faces of people like you, or me…

They get inside your head, in the hallowed halls, and they take over your thoughts and make you climb the walls.

They put thoughts in your head or mine – of a doubting, unfriendly or callous kind.

If you have a beautiful idea or helpful thought, the Nayers try to stop it from growing and to make it rot.

If not in your head, I’m sorry it’s true – they may be in your sister’s, or brother’s or someone new!

The Nayers will fight you every step of the way – especially if your idea is good and can help in some way.

They don’t like beauty, or love, or fun.  They can’t stand the daylight and they hate the sun!

If you are productive and doing things right, they are the ones keeping you up so you lose sleep at night.

They want you to fail.  They want to see no good.  They want to bring you down with them and they would, if they could.

But wait don’t get discouraged!  It’s sad but it’s true, the Nayers are out to hurt not help you.  But remember those helpful ninjas roaming the halls of your mind?  They are the Nayslayers and the truth they will find!

They are there to encourage and fight, they will help you all day and all night.

The Nayslayers are your protecters you see?  They are the ones helping you hold on and not flee.

Your dreams are important, for you and for me.  They are the gifts you bring to your reality.

Even when ideas don’t turn out just right, the Nayers are still wrong and you are right.  You made an attempt at following what’s true, you did what was important to you!  And when you did this, crazy as it may seem, you still learned something from following that dream.

There will always be Nayers in this world in people’s heads, but at least we have Nayslayers to put them to bed!

When you grow up what do you want to be?  Is it a doctor, a lawyer, or a person on TV?  I don’t know about you but I’d like to be – a Nayslayer, helping people reach for their dreams to make them reality.

Copyright © 2013 Kim Orlowski. All Rights Reserved.