Thanks Mom

You loved me, like no one loved me

You were a part of me, and I am a piece of you

I grew in your body and in your heart

You gave everything you could to me

I am strong, because when I was small and weak you held me close

I am confident, because when I was unsure you told me how wonderful I was 

I am happy, because you let me cry in your arms when I needed to

I will never know a love or a bond as strong as ours – from mother to child

You lifted me up even as you felt pain, so I would not feel it too

You showed me what it was to really love

I felt what it was to really know that love

My memories are now bittersweet

You baked for me

You took me places

You taught me what was important

You nursed me when I was sick

You fought with me, but mostly for me

You showed me love with hugs and kisses

I watched you in happy times

I watched you in sad ones

I saw you handle life with ups and downs and now realize how much of what you did was for me

Even to the last moments you were trying to make me feel better

Your love was always unconditional even if I didn’t think it was

You loved me no matter what and I needed that

I know you are still around

in me

in my children

in my memories

and many other ways

I want you to know:

I love you

I miss you

and thank you

For all you did, for all you’ve done

You were the greatest mom I could have, and you were the only one.

Copyright © 2011 Kim Orlowski. All Rights Reserved.