Sydney Sails the Seven Seas

Once upon a time a little girl of mine, full of adventure and curiosity decided to sail across the sea.

She was a beauty and extremely bright, with dark hair and blue eyes that shone like the light. She had a smile so lovely and a laugh so sweet every moment with her was always a treat. A spirit of adventure without a care, if she had any fears you were never aware.
When she made up her mind to go out and sail, she first chose a boat that looked like a whale. It was large and blue-grey with an amazing tail. On this boat she sailed to a place she felt free, an island made of sweet candy. Here she would roam back and forth all around- she threw giant parties and wore a gold crown. Here she was queen and could do what she liked – she could stay up late or ride a motor bike. She had so much fun and nary a care – but this island grew boring, time to find a new somewhere.

She sailed off again in her whale boat, it’s true – trying to find a new place or two.
After a long while of sailing, she stopped and she stared – at a place that made even her brave heart, a little bit scared. From a distance she looked at what she could see, and she said to herself “Oh, how very creepy.” This place was a sight – one to behold, where everything was dark, dirty, even old- it’s trees were twisted up in triple knots, and the animals there all had sick spots. The water was not pretty, or shiny and blue – it had an ugly brown color and and orange-y hue. The air was thick with a green-yellow fog, it looked like the place was covered in smog. Not a person was spotted by captain Sydney, and she thought to herself, “that place looks crazy! I’m not going anywhere near that toxic dump!” And she quickly sailed off as her whale ship went “hmmmppff!”

The next place she went on the journey she planned, was an island in the shape of a hand. It was safe and fun – to her delight- and she stayed there and played there all day and all night. Until sun up she flitted around, singing and dancing and wearing her crown. Sydney loved this place that was shaped like a hand – it was where she could find her favorite rock band. This island was pink and its waters were blue – the sand was so soft she needn’t wear shoes. She could climb up the hills and mountain tops. Then water slide down avoiding the rocks. Her favorite game that she liked to play, was paddy-cake, paddy-cake with a local blue jay. But even though this fun was all around, she couldn’t help thinking there was more to be found. She searched and searched with all of her might- but felt that there was something missing, or not right.

Sydney sailed off again needing to be free, this time for an adventure with missing family. That was the thing she was missing a lot, so off she went – looking in a new spot.

As she sailed on her whale its tail thrashing about. She found one of her brothers in a place called Trout. If you like fishing, this was the place to be – it was a place that made her brother very happy. He could catch fish of all colors to his delight, and all shapes and sizes would put up a fight. He would hook them and reel them he would grab a fin. He would run after them on the pier, or sit and watch them swim. They would fly out of the water into the air, and the birds would try to eat them but the fish didn’t seem to care. Their eyes were big, or small, or more than a few – but mostly most of them only had two.

Trout had the fish, yes, this was true – but more importantly, her brother was there with her too. Sydney talked and laughed, and played, and caught fish with her brother, every day. They cleaned them and cooked them, it was amazing it’s true, how two siblings got along so well, that’s amazing too! They had good times and sad times and merriments, they even played jokes and did experiments.

They hugged and they laughed, and she knew it was good, but she wanted more adventures so she asked if he would, please come join her…if he could. To her delight he lifted her heart, because he joined her, and the seas he helped her to chart.

Together again, sailing the seas, in great storms and high winds, or nary a breeze. In blue waters, or green, open oceans a new – they travelled on to the next place, it was called – KaChew! Yes, it sounds like a sneeze, or the sniffly flu, but it was so beautiful – a place few really knew. When they reached port and were greeted by all, they found another brother busy playing ball. He was outside or in, inside or out – he bounced that ball and shot those hoops, and if he missed – no one ever said oops. He was great at this game alone or in groups, everyone had fun, even the troops.

DR with a smile was always about, dribbling his ball, and giving a shout! “Hey there sis, what’s happening, what’s new? What brings you here to old KaChew?”

Sydney told her story with love and delight, and her eyes shone so beautifully and bright! She was so happy to have two of her brothers near, so much so, that she shed a happy tear. DR was younger and they had been close, so sometimes she missed him, more than most.
After telling her tale and seeing her too, DR wanted to come join them and have adventures anew. So they loaded up supplies, and sailed on from KaChew.

Sydney and brothers in tow and in two, were now determined to find the rest of their crew. From a large family they were all from, so two more members would add to their sum. “Where do we sail next?” said Sydney to brother one. He replied in a voice that was smooth like silk, “Of course we need to find our other brother on Wilk!”

The third brother was at this place of learning and degrees, a place that did not so much sound like a sneeze. A university, of study and grace, higher learning they called it – seemed a scary place. High it was a top a mountain, with many stories and glories and a cool fountain. Bands would play, and games were played too – teams and screams and colors a few… Their third brother was busy doing his thing, he was joking and smiling and running in a ring. From the time past the time before Sydney was born, this brother was smart, and organized, and loved to run, and he ran, and he ran because for him, it was fun! When they saw him they all shouted with delight: “Hey brother A., how’s it going?
Everything alright?” And their brother rather stunned, replied with glee, “Oh my gosh, it’s my brothers, and sister Sydney!” They all greeted and hugged and talked all night, and before long it was morning and afternoon, then another night! A., had so much to tell them about his learning adventures and scholarly pursuits, and his new running shoes, and track suits. He loved his life and all that was around, but he too missed his family that had finally come to town. Sydney told A., all that was new, and the brothers agreed that A., should join them too. “We are going off soon, our last brother to find, we would love you to join us – if you would be so kind.” Sydney chimed to brother A., her eyes glistened with light, and A., sailed off with them all much to his delight.

The last brother we heard, was in a far away land, it’s called Bestwend, and it bends and stretches and rolls you upside-down, and the wind catches things and twirls them around. You are tested in your spirit and mind, and who knows, it’s a place where anything can happen to anyone who goes. Brother JC lives there and he’s the last on the list, he’s a lady lover and the first to be kissed. “He is the oldest of the crew, he’s had his ups and downs, but so have we too. Do you think we will find him? Do we know if he’s alright?” said Sydney to her brothers a little worried on this night.

They hadn’t seen him in years, I’m sorry to say that it’s true – they lost contact with this brother no one knew what to do.

“How to find him in this treacherous land? Is there anyone here who can give us a hand?” Sydney looked in the eyes of each brother about, then she heard one brother shout!
The first brother on the adventure, brother CJ, who had loved fishing so much he did it all day – said once, a long time ago, before they were a crew – he had talked to a shell-fish who knew JC too, and they connected on a shell phone from across the seas, CJ said it was a nice day and there was a breeze. “JC had been through a lot and had his adventures too, but he did miss his brothers and sister Sydney too.” said CJ to Sydney without missing a cue.

This was great news! They were so happy then, it wasn’t a matter of how, now it was when!? When would they see their brother JC, would he be alone, or did he remember when they all shared a home? With excitement they went on when they docked at Bestwend, none of them worried about seeing him again.

After traveling through hills sloping this way and that, the curly-cue trees and round-abouts through, they finally found JC on a bench at the zoo. He was sitting and watching, and sipping his brew that was made from some broth and vegetables too. He delighted in observing the life all around, and it was a short break from the wonders that abound. Bestwend can be fun if you know what to do, and he showed them around so they could learn something new. If you ran really fast like A., could do – then the whirling of the winds and trees worked with you. If you could throw really well, like a fisherman can – then the fireflies would catch with you and sound like a band. If you sang like a rock-star as only a girl captain can do, then the clouds would create wonders in the sky for you. When you dribble a ball or throw it like a pro – a path opens up, where only you can go. Bestwend was magical in its own way, this is why JC had decided to stay.

After all they had learned and listened to hear, they were all quite convinced and the meaning was clear. Being together and as a family, was such treasure it’s true! Sharing the love of a family with one, then more than two – they had memories and adventures together that they shared, and they had others on their own even though some made them scared. When they came together again, no love had been lost – but they decided from now on, that no matter the cost – they would come together to share what was new, on a regular basis, reforming their crew.

But what of their parents, and grandparents too? Where were they? What did they do? Another time my friends, I’m sorry to say, that this is another story, for another day…

What can you do with a brother or two? Who can you find when you make up your mind? What can’t you do when you put your mind to, a task that is so grand let fate give you a hand… Where is she? Our Sydney? She sails the seven seas, on a ocean breeze. Finding her adventures and fun, all alone, or with someone. Sometimes she will have her crew, and others will be hers a new. She will never truly be alone, she is a queen captain all her own. She can do what ever she may, and we hope to see her again soon, someday!

Copyright © 2016 Kim Orlowski. All Rights Reserved.


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