Dance to Your Own Beat

Did you ever have that feeling of your hair standing on end?  Or the feeling of love, elation, sadness, etc. when listening to music?  You may remember something from long ago when you hear a tune.  Or you are transported to another time and place in the matter of moments.

I remember sitting in an auditorium as a swing choir sang  and danced when I was younger, and besides the awesome emotional high – it gave me goosebumps!  Music is so amazing that way, it puts us all in harmony with it and each other. 

Music brings out many emotions, feelings, thoughts, it transports us to places we want to go and to places we’ve already been.  It has amazing power.  It moves across boundaries, time and space.  It can bring us to extreme heights or lows depending on the content, or the tone.

But we need to remember something with music – the kind we fill our ears with will have a tremendous  impact upon us and our physiology but it also effects us on our personal vibration bringing it up or down.  Music has the power to hurt and to heal.  What we listen to not only says a great deal about us – but also about who we may be on our way to becoming.

It has been said that you can tell a great deal about a society by the kind of music it listens to – whether it will succeed or fail may even be evident in its music.  Why is that?  Well, Natural Law comes into play here and the Law of Harmony (Rhythm).  This law is in close relation with the Law of Vibration – when we are in church for instance and we are all singing together (in or out of tune) we are all getting on the same page vibrationally we are not only in harmony with the music but with each other which is a good thing.  We want that and we also want that vibration to be uplifting.

The law states:
Harmony and rhythm is motion and all motion in the universe is dominated by a particular flowing order… The key to this law is the rhythmic consistency because this is what produces each specific manifestation.

So in this case read that as – everything in the universe has a vibration and an order, and that order is controlled by the constant forward movement of a particular  rhythm (or harmonic balance or imbalance).

Ask yourself this… Is your life moving in the direction you want it to?  If not, maybe it is because you are out of sync with the Natural Law of Harmony.  Maybe you are out of sync with God’s Laws or what is right for you as a soul or spiritual being.  When you are in the right “space” the rhythm of your life moves in such a way that everything falls into place like a well choreographed dance that is in harmony with the tune that is playing.  When your life is off balance the harmony is out of sync, the rhythm of the dance is off and you feel like you have two left feet, you may still be moving but it is all out of step.  This is our cue to get back into the highest for ourselves – to find *our* personal rhythm again and to do what is best for us as spiritual beings now.  It really is true that we all do dance to the beat of our own drummers.  But remember, this is not a bad thing – every band has a section and an instrument can shine on its own but it can also help a group make the most wonderful tunes imaginable!

Make your own music that is in harmony with your higher or spiritual self and you will dance that flawless dance – your bandmates will then come to you via the Law of Attraction!

Isn’t it great the way Natural Law works?

Copyright © 2010 Kim Orlowski. All Rights Reserved.