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Secretly Super…Your True Story

This is a short book I have written.  I do not own copyright to characters, TV shows, or other things I use as frame of reference for this story.

To you, my sweet soul, who knows deep inside that there is more to you, more to this life, and many more adventures waiting.

This book is a creative twist on how we view ourselves and our spirituality.  What we are capable of is so much more than we think it is.  We are so much more than we think we are.  This book is about seeing yourself and your journey here on this Earth, in a new way – a “Super” way.  The experience is about you getting to know you.  Why are you here?  What is your purpose?  What are your special talents and gifts?  I can’t tell you what the answers to those questions are, but you can figure them out as you get to know the “real” you.  This book can be a first step along your journey – one that explains an origin story that could be yours, one that could be “Your True Story” and that shows you that you are indeed “Secretly Super.”

Chapter 1  – Why Do We Love Heroes?

Why do we love heroes?  What is their purpose?  What is it that we see in them?  In one form or another, they have been around for years.  It just depends on where you look.  Our ancestors probably sat in their caves and spun their own stories of heroes. Continue reading “Secretly Super…Your True Story”



This is a video (still photos with audio file background) of a talk/sermon I gave in Arizona in the beginning of the year.  Run time is 25.25, that’s minutes and seconds.


The Nayslayers

Roaming the hallowed halls of your mind, there are acrobat ninja warriors of a special kind.

Some are invisible, some are short, they come in shapes and sizes of every sort.

Did you see that one with the pink tutu?  Or the one all in black calling coo coo?

Look there’s one with a samurai sword!  I wonder what she does when she gets bored?  Continue reading “The Nayslayers”


The Worry Monster

Did you ever think about the thoughts that come out of your head?

Where do they go?  What do they do?  I wonder, I wonder… I hope you do too.

Did you know that you’re creating with speed and with ease right on the spot, some things that are good and some that are not?  Like that happy-go-lucky tune in your head, or that big scary monster in your closet, or under your bed… Continue reading “The Worry Monster”


Sydney Sails the Seven Seas

Once upon a time a little girl of mine, full of adventure and curiosity decided to sail across the sea.

She was a beauty and extremely bright, with dark hair and blue eyes that shone like the light. She had a smile so lovely and a laugh so sweet every moment with her was always a treat. A spirit of adventure without a care, if she had any fears you were never aware. Continue reading “Sydney Sails the Seven Seas”

A Hopeful Dog Lover

Look at that face!  So cute!!!  I have puppy/dog fever as of late.  It is all I can do to not look at pictures of little furry babies with longing.  I found a place I plan on getting my next companion from and I’m hopeful that he or she will be everything I am expecting.  This place specializes in training and breeding labradors, so my next companion and family member will come home with skills as well as breeding.  I’m not a snob that won’t go to the pound, I currently have a dog (lab mix) that has been with me for years who came from the pound, but she is also very old and won’t be with me much longer.  I just wanted my next friend to have been trained already and have some skills because even though they are cute, new puppies are a handful.  I found this photo with those eyes, and that face – and thought, this is probably what my future will look like!  The treats, the longing looks and the wagging tail…I don’t think I have ever been disappointed by any of my pets really, but for the love of dogs – I am very hopeful that the next one in my life is as sweet as this one looks!

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Nope to the Mope

Eeyore, the professional mope.  (Okay, I know he’s not meant to be that, but you get the idea.)  I once saw a post(er) on facebook that showed Eeyore and it had something to the effect of, no one left him out of their plans because he was sad, they just accepted him as he was.  That is such a nice thought isn’t it?  Until it’s real life and you are around someone who does nothing but mope to get attention.  Who drains all the life force Continue reading “Nope to the Mope”

Soul Level Renewal

We are not in the time of year for renewal, not in the sense that many would think.  Most of us associate renewal with the beginnings of life – with birth, or re-birth – with spring.  When everything is cropping back up from the ground and where we are through our senses experiencing the new-ness once again.

Renewal is life giving to me, Continue reading “Soul Level Renewal”

To Pillage – No More

I have had what many times has felt like people pillaging my thoughts, ideas, and insights…where others have taken credit for ideas that were mine, for work that I have done, or for insights I have shared with them in conversation.  There is always a part of me that feels very cheated by this, but worse – that feels violated Continue reading “To Pillage – No More”

Shining Your Festive Light

Today promises to be a festive day for most.  It’s Christmas day, and many are opening their presents, spending time with their relatives and friends, and sharing joy and love for each other.

I say most, because some are gritting their teeth during this time.  Others are sad and lonely.  As much as there is literally a palpable, tangible, “love in the air” that is the Spirit of Christmas Continue reading “Shining Your Festive Light”

Guilty Promptness

Because I feel guilty that I haven’t had time to do a daily prompt I thought I would do the last seven in one…

Enthusiasm in a moody man leads him to discover a mineral bounty, where he finds his fortune after which he finds he can be calm and relax.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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Daily Prompt: Fishing

via Daily Prompt: Fishing

Fishing – fishing makes me think of phishing, or people who “fish” for information.  Which isn’t a really positive thing in my mind.  It also reminds me of memories of going fishing, and hooking family members, but not any fish.  That was while I was in the process of casting the line.  One of my uncles even scared me with a fish head while cleaning it.  I also passed out once trying to fish on a hot day, another not so fun moment.    Fishing itself has not so many nice memories for me.  Needless to say, fishing is not really my thing.  Hanging around on the water and watching other people is fine though, or sitting on a shore, or bridge.

The most uplifting and interesting moments with fishing itself, for me, were listening to others talk about it and how much fun they had doing it.  That infectious happiness some people have when they tell you a story, or their fish tales.  (~wink~)  Things like that would get me excited about fishing without my really being interested in it to begin with.  Some people just have that ability, or maybe it is the love and excitement they have for their interest that makes it interesting.  I always felt that was the reason.  I wasn’t really interested in the subject, or going fishing, but you get caught up in the moments with other people, or swept away in them.

Wishing for fishing
I’m definitely not
But you go ahead
Sit in that spot
Cast your line
You little stinker
Someone will get you
Hook, line and sinker


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Maddening Mad Gab

via Daily Prompt: Maddening

Have you ever played this game?  Mad Gab?  I love it!  It has got to be the most humous thing on the face of the planet to see your friends and/or family play this.  For them, totally maddening – for me, ha-ha-halarious!  We just did this at my sister’s house over Thanksgiving, and as everyone read the cards Continue reading “Maddening Mad Gab”